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Train Your Dog the Walkabout Way

As a professional dog trainer, I have been working with all breeds and

types of dogs for over 40 years. I stopped counting the number of dogs after 12,000!

 I have personally had over 30 GSd's and lived with many other breeds.

Types, ages and characters have come and gone, but they have all taught me how to help them.

I also teach people to become dog trainers but over the past months, it has been while working with new dog owners, that I have been able to help dogs become the ideal family pet. I do this by designing the training program to fit around your lifestyle. How can I help you?


I offer a progressive training system to allow you to start your dog training journey from day one through to your ideal family pet.

This is available to all my clients in Hampshire and West Sussex. 

We start by having a one on one session at my

secure training venue near Rowlands Castle, in Hampshire,

followed by either more personalised sessions or group sessions. 

 Find out why we work this way on the home page.

Group lifeskills classes are a great way to practice all your training procedures and are held on a weekly basis to support you as your dog grows and develops- why not check out our packages for more details and contact me for a start date and prices.













Contact me today via the website
or call me on 02392 412652 and leave a message. 
I will get back to you but be sure to leave your number!
In the meantime, why not take a look at my various pages sharing
some of my training ideas with you?
Check out my Help and Support page


Tina Hinchliffe

I have 4 dogs who individually are just adorable but on a walk turn into a pack and come across aggressive. after just 2 x  1hour sessions I have learnt our issues and how to rectify them. I am definitely going to continue training as already walks are much less stressful. thank you!

Kate with Finn and Milo

I have been going to Walkabout classes for 5 years, first with my Border Collie, Finn and now my Lab/springer cross, Milo has joined us. Carol and Stuart have boosted my confidence and offered endless support in dealing with my dogs issues. The dogs love going to the classes and although I don’t get to as many classes as I would like due to work, I really enjoy it every time I go. They are the only classes I have found that are flexible enough to fit in with unpredictable shift patterns. I would unhesitatingly recommend any of the Walkabout classes for any breed of dog.

Jane with Boris

Thank you Carol , I really enjoyed the session on Thursday. it has made me feel more confident.

On Friday both me and my husband took all 3 dogs out and Boris really behaved really well. 

Thank you so much.

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