Train Your Dog the Walkabout Way

I offer a personal training programme to all my clients in Hampshire and West Sussex

and our Starter package includes three sessions with me on a 121 basis at a secure venue

Does your dog embarrass you?

Pull on its lead to get to another dog?

Totally ignore you when you call ?

Jump all over the visitors? Or even worse?

Whether you have a brand new puppy, a terrible teenager

or perhaps a newly rescued dog, training helps build bonds,

so come and learn all about methods that work and not difficult to do.

My training programme can be followed on by attending our group sessions.

Group package is available on Sunday morning at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

where you can practice with other students and make friends and get the support you need 


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Contact me today via the website or call me on 02392 412652 and leave a message. 
I will get back to you




Puppy Workshop

& Social group

Have you a puppy or a young dog that has missed out with its vital socialisation?

My puppy workshops are held for 40 minutes at a secure field with selected pups to play with.

Fully supervised by my teaching dog, Skye and with full explanations of what is going on.


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Rescue Dogs


How to help them settle?
What shouldn't you do to soon?
How do your help your rescue dog?
Wont stop shaking?
Won't stop barking?
Doesn't like the neighbours?
Pulls on a lead?
Wont come back when called - even in from the garden?
Doesn't like your other dog - or your best friends dog?
why not take a look at Barney's bravery special
and work with my teaching dog to help yours.
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Understanding Your Dog's


Need help with your dog?
Showing a little too much interest in other dogs?
Lunging and Pulling to get to other dogs?
Barking at other dogs?
Chases other dogs?
Barks at Visitors or Even worse?
Does every dog walk fill you with dread?
You need help today and I understand how you feel - you are not alone!!
This is when Skye can help you - Check out my Skye special and save money and time working with me on a 121 basis at my private venue near Rowlands Castle.
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Tina Hinchliffe

I have 4 dogs who individually are just adorable but on a walk turn into a pack and come across aggressive. after just 2 x  1hour sessions I have learnt our issues and how to rectify them. I am definitely going to continue training as already walks are much less stressful. thank you!

Kate with Finn and Milo

I have been going to Walkabout classes for 5 years, first with my Border Collie, Finn and now my Lab/springer cross, Milo has joined us. Carol and Stuart have boosted my confidence and offered endless support in dealing with my dogs issues. The dogs love going to the classes and although I don’t get to as many classes as I would like due to work, I really enjoy it every time I go. They are the only classes I have found that are flexible enough to fit in with unpredictable shift patterns. I would unhesitatingly recommend any of the Walkabout classes for any breed of dog.

Karen with Jaz and Tarot

Thank you Carol , Stuart and the team for a fab time this morning . Jaz and Tarot enjoyed their first go at agility so we will be back for more !.