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Find out more about our dog training services available for you at our private secure training centre near Rowlands Castle in Hampshire and on the border of  West Sussex 

Personal 121 Training Packages


Group Socialisation on Wednesday mornings

Sunday Lifeskills Meeting

German Shepherd Program

Rescue dogs and Street dogs -

a breed apart

Reactive Dog help and support - they are crying out for your help

Dogs sniffing.HEIC

Helping Dogs to learn with their owners.

I help dog owners in Hampshire and West Sussex in the South of England

with their dogs so they can enjoy their walks together!

I offer personal tuition on private land between Portsmouth and Petersfield and can train all dogs but specialise in German Shepherd Dogs and have a specific course running from September on Saturday mornings.  Teenager dogs have their own session on Saturday mornings too

Want to teach your dog something new?    Scentwork beginners help available with a workshop on 18th August and a new course starting on 3rd September at 12 - limited numbers'

Contact me today via the website or call me on 02392 412652 and leave a message.  I will get back to you

I am dog trainer who spends her days teaching people to train dogs along the South coast of Hampshire and West Sussex. Whether that is teaching people to work with dogs or running my own private lessons, I love my job helping people and their dogs.

I have had over 30 German Shepherds and until recently had  2 rescue dogs who had a challenging time  We now have a young teenage GSD who is reminding us all about living with a young dog. He loves meeting new dogs and using knowledge we have built up, we are helping him develop.

How can I help you?

Read my blog for lots of helpful advice and comments


Why my Personal training plan works: 


My sessions are held over 4 hours with a meeting either once a week or fortnight.  This means you can go home and practice and  I can follow up, making sure that you understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and if your dog is coping and understands what we want them to do.

You will get lots of practical advice and we can adjust things as necessary as your dog begins to change its behaviour.  You can then join our group lessons to put this all into practice. Meet other people who dont judge and maybe offer your support to them as you gain confidence with your dog.

We work away from the home, so I can observe what your dog is like off home turf!

The distractions are provided by me or the venue we are using so controlled – no nasty surprises!

I can use my teaching dog, as the controlled distraction but having worked with so many dogs, and lived with over 30. I do understand how you feel and we can work together to tackle any issues you have.


I get to know you and your dog and understand what you both need and how best to help.

You do get homework, and a specific time to do it but this helps with focus.

Got a question? You have instant access to me via text with prompt and practical replies.

It is less intimidating, there is just us, so you can be frank and honest with me so we get there quicker.


All personal clients have priority access to our group sessions, field trips and lifestyle classes where you meet others who have been on a similar journey. These are valuable and help you gain your confidence while practicing with your dog.


Home visits are also available for selected issues,

but we prefer to work outdoors with most problems as this us usually where they occur. 

Please contact me to discuss how best I can help you

Contact Carol today on 02392 412652

LooLoo Mizzi

Fergus is doing so well at these classes. 
he's learning to relax in the company of other dogs. 
just brilliant. 
the classes are fun and informative and friendly.

Pauline Cheeseman

Have been with Walkabout for over 3 years now, constantly reviewing Nelsons reactivate behaviour, he only grumbles occasionally, and has learnt to settle. So sign up to the classes at Queen Elizabeth Park, it’s all about calmness and relaxing around others, a win situation for dogs and owners. We do the scent work classes great brain work training for all dogs, thank you Walkabout

Gemma Barton


Totally recommend Carol and Stuart, my dog and I attended a reactivity workshop today and I arrived nervous but left super confident. Lovely people and very knowledgeable