Our Walkabout LEAD AND TRAIN service is set up for dogs from working lines or breeds, who need to do something during the time they were being left by parents who were at work.


To help dog owners who are under time pressure, I am delighted to say, we are reintroducing the service to help those dogs who cannot cope with day-care and need some specialised training before being accepted by a dog walker.  Yes we know these dogs need to have something to do during the day, but learning the wrong things is not the answer.

"Remedial Instruction Programme for the teenage terrors"



Rather than leaving your dog at day-care all day, where they may learn either that all dogs are bullies, or how to become one, you can book a weeks lead and train service with me and I will teach your dog how to behave around other dogs. I will be helped by my older bitch who is well used to speaking “dog” and her example will help your dog to learn better behaviour.  Skye has helped many hundreds of dogs to learn how to become better at being socially acceptable.


At the end of the week, I will have trained your dog, and exercised it in several different locations, I will then take you out and show what to carry on with.  But then what?  Well,  then I will introduce you to a reputable dog walker who will take your dog on and visit each day to carry on the training and help your dog to fulfil its true potential.

After a Free assessment at your home with one of our experienced trainers, we will collect your dog in our specialised vehicle each day for 5 days and take your dog to a carefully selected venue to show them how to behave. After each training session, your dog will be returned to your home, dried off and should then sleep until your return.

 Along with loose lead walking and coming back when called, your dog will be shown some fun things to do which make them prefer to be with you, their owner, or the handler and work as a team.


Quite often these dogs are adolescents and quickly find things to do if you don't give them a job, so we will show them some agility and scentwork along with social skills and manners. They will also be introduced to our lead teaching dog and taught to behave around an adult dog.

At the end of the week, we will meet you and your dog and share our skills with you and then introduce you to a dog walker who can continue the training for you if you wish.

Not every dog will be accepted for the training as we have only a few spaces per month and in selected areas only, but if you would like to be considered, please apply to me through the website, clearly stating that you want your dog assessed for a Lead and Train service.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.  Contact me today

Skye teaching