How Calvin and Yogi are helping other dogs

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Calvins field at the Coloured Ponds

Looking on Facebook recently, I noticed that a popular secure dog walking field was about to open a second field in the same area. I thought it would be useful to find out more and who exactly Calvin and Yogi were. There was obviously a story there and suggested that the owners shared it with us at Walkabout Dog Training Academy before their open day.

I spoke to Kendra and Sarah who run Calvin’s Field at the Coloured Ponds and launch Yogi’s Place on the 2nd September. The fields are located near Rake in West Sussex

I started by asking Kendra who was Calvin?

“Calvin was one of my original Springers”. Basically, as he got older, he started to lose his sight. I quickly realised that he would have loved this safe space to exercise. He used to follow the wrong shadows thinking they were me when out on a walk. I show Springers and he was my special boy, I have his son & grandson so he lives on in them.

When Sarah suggested opening a dog field, it seemed a perfect idea as it is something he would have loved.”

Sarah now has a Labrador but used to also have a show type English Springer Spaniel whom she used to do competitive agility with and also went on to do search and rescue.


How did it get to be established here?

I have owned the Coloured Ponds for many years and have a well-established angling business. I had spent many years as a competitive match angler. So where to put the dog field? There was an overgrown field that could be converted and after some preparation Calvin’s field was born last October. This has been very popular for dog owners and the pond is a welcome relief for the dogs on a hot day

Permanent Agility Tunnel

Kendra told me that “Sarah does all the bookings and people were saying such lovely things about how much the field has helped so many dogs. We have got some lovely photos of dogs enjoying themselves. When Sarah suggested a second field would be lovely, I was keen, and this one can offer agility. Calvin’s field is known as the pond area. So, the idea of Yogi’s Place was formed”

Who is Yogi? What is special about his field?


Yogi is Calvin’s grandson and “the love of my life” and a lovely boy who enjoys lots of activity. It seems natural that the second field should be named after him.

By Easter the plans were made, and work started clearing the second field. Six-foot fencing installed and privacy screening added, and grass has been sown. The weather hasn’t been kind, so it’s taken awhile but it’s now all ready. The tunnel is established and the see saw is ready. Jumps and mini A- frame have joined weaves and the tyre for dogs to enjoy. All it needs now is for the dogs to come and use.

A little piece of heaven

A little piece of heaven which both Sarah and Kendra hope people will use and treasure.

There is a separate car park for each field which is screened off.

Both fields have poo bins and incidentally did you know they don’t go into landfill but are used to make energy. That made me smile, totally Eco friendly. So please be sure to clear up after your dog.

Tell me about the open day?

Well there are two sessions available for people to come and view. One on Saturday 31st August from 10am to 12.30pm and then on Sunday 1st September from 12.00 to 2.30pm. There will be an ice cream van providing refreshments and first to visit will get goody bags. If you want to come, please make sure you click to say you’re going. There will be plenty of supervised parking for visitors and both fields will be open to view.

Can we bring dogs to the open day?

Well you are welcome to providing they can cope with lots of people and other dogs. They will all be on lead so if they find it difficult, please leave them at home and book to visit with them soon.

When can we start to book?

For Yogis Place from 31st August through the Facebook page. Just click on the page and it will take you through to bookings. Simply chose your time and pay through Stripe. It’s nice and easy and if you would like longer then go to add service and book for the time you want. Calvin’s Field is already open so get booking now.

How many dogs can I bring each time and how long is each session?

Four unless you have extra handlers and you pay an extra £1.25 per extra dog. Each session is 50 minutes on the hour with a 10-minute break for getting back to the car and not meeting the next visiting dog. Anyone who wants to use it for a dog walking business should contact first.

Entrance to Yogi's place

Do I need to bring anything when I visit?

Yes, you will need to bring a bowl and water as we cannot get running water to the site. Other than that, your usual walking stuff. Dogs on lead from car to field please and of course your clear up sacks.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Well it is important to say that both fields are surrounded by private property and we ask that no one goes for a walk around the area. Once you have finished in the field please go straight back to your car and leave so the next dog can have his turn.

While you wait for your turn, please wait in the larger car park out of sight. Do not go up to the car park until your time which will start on the hour.

How do I find out more?

Here are the Facebook page for the open day for the fields

Thanks again to Kendra and Sarah, I look forward to visiting again on the 31st August and the 1st September and booking some visits for Barney and Skye.

There you are, another amazing place for you to visit with your dog. Whether it is because you have a dog that needs more space, a chance to run off lead or just the opportunity to potter about without any other dogs worrying them, these fields are great. If you throw in the agility equipment in and plenty of shade and interesting things to investigate, it really is a perfect way to enjoy your dog.

As a dog trainer, I am so often asked about help for dogs who need that extra bit of space to be able to walk without worry. I frequently suggest that a field such as this be hired so you can focus on your dog and relax without the worry of interference of other dogs. Somewhere you can practice your recalls and lead walking and allow your dog some freedom. Why not contact Sarah at Calvin’s Fields at the Coloured Ponds soon to book your first visit. email or call 07598 967831

Barney and Skye enjoying a visit to Calvins field

If you are looking for some extra help with your dog, remember to check out my training packages page – I am always happy to join you at one of your walks or bookings to help support you as you train your dog to become your perfect companion. Check out my website now for more details.

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