So many of our puppies have missed that important time to learn how to approach other dogs including other puppies.  They may have met their immediate families but not many other people because of Lock Down.

I can help;

Join me on Sunday 19th July for a workshop to help introduce your puppy to other similar aged puppies and meet my teaching dog, Skye who is very used to supervising puppy play.

The venue:

Hoe Cross Dog Park,

Hambledon, Hants. PO7 4RG

To book:

Complete the application form here:

and return it to me along with your training fee of £20. You can email this to me at: info@thewalkaboutway.co.uk - payment details are on the form.

The session will last 40 minutes and is limited to four families per session to allow for social distancing.

Please advise me who you want to attend including ages of children so that I can carefully match every group properly.

I will also need to know the exact age of every puppy attending and also what experiences they already have had.

The workshop will not be a free for all - each meeting is supervised and structured.

We can include some basic training if required.

Full explanations of the dogs body language will be given.

Please contact me today if you want to join me or have any questions.

Or contact me now for personalised help today