Wednesday and Saturday Socials


We are delighted to offer our Socialisation Package to anyone who is in need of some extra support with their dogs.  If your dog is showing one of the following behaviours, then you need to join our group.  Here you find no judgment and odd remarks, just friendly support and advice as you coach your dog to behave better. Our Wednesday clients often travel from local areas such as Waterlooville, Emsworth and Portsmouth whereas our weekend clients come from a much wider area including Chichester, New Forest, Hindhead, Guildford and Woking as it is an easy run down the A3 to us on the South Downs.

Please note all dogs will be assessed before you join the program, so that we make sure that everyone has benefit from working together.

More details about our Socialisation Package is available here.

Each Wednesday  and Saturday lesson will be between 60 and 90 minutes long and attendance should be pre-booked. We strongly recommend that regular visits ensure progress so we offer a 4 week programme on either Wednesday or Saturday mornings at 10:00 with ongoing training available afterwards  

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                           Sometimes you just need a bit of extra help with you dog whilst around                                               other dogs. If so, then this is the training plan you need.​

  • Suitable for all ages and breeds subject to your 121 assessment.

  • The new rescue dog that needs to build its confidence

  • The adolescent dog that is too friendly

  • The adult dog who has forgotten everything  😊

  • The dog with no recall

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