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Be Kind to the Struggling Dog Owner

You have no idea what is going on in their lives and how they are coping!

Recently I visited a secure field and just as I was driving in someone else appeared. The lady was adamant it was her time but was in such a state couldn’t show me her confirmation email. I had ours and knew we had booked that time.

After a tearful discussion with her we worked out how we could both be in there and exercise our dogs. Not easy but we did it.

We found out that she should have been there 12 hours later but nevertheless she needed to exercise her dogs and so did we so we worked it out. Found out later she had recently lost her husband and was totally bereft. Her dogs were keeping her doing things but admitted she was struggling. I glad we could help her get through the day.

So many of our clients are going through some difficult times at the moment. They don’t come to class to be reminded but to enjoy their dog in a safe and supportive environment. Sure we will listen and be compassionate but actually at that time they want to take a bit of time out. I am truly grateful for the many clients who have shared their stories with me and hopefully I have helped in a small way. I encourage my Academy members to follow my lead and listen and watch. Helping the dog gives the dog’s owner a chance to take a breathe and enjoy their dog.

So next time you see someone with a dog that is going a bit crazy or doing silly things, be kind and try and help the owner. This may mean taking your dog away from the situation. Or helping by taking their dog back to them as it wants to play with yours and they can't get their dog to return to them. Or just giving them a smile and quick greeting - smiles are contagious you know and keep the world a better place. Maybe just a cheerful hello, it may make all the difference to their day and yours.

If you need help and are struggling then I encourage you to talk to someone. the Samaritans will help you.

If you need help with your dog, call me. No judgement here. Just friendly support and practical advice. Call me 07825 210401 or go to my website and send me a message soon at The Walkabout Way


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