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D Day75 - Rules and Relaxation

So this week the country has been commemorating the sacrifice our older generations made to keep us free from tyranny. So many amazing stories of heroism and moving events being held to remind us of those who have their lives. Stuart and I were able to join the thousands in Southsea during the morning. We saw our Queen land in her helicopter and also Donald Trump and his wife. As always the whole thing was run impeccably. We always do a good show and our military and services were behind the planning and timing. Perfect and even the sun shone as the planes flew past. In the evening we went to Portsmouth to watch the ships sail and salute the Veterans in the MV Boudica as they went to Normandy. It was brilliant to be part of the crowd and we had a great time. Exhausted we made our way home, glad that we had made the effort to go. But it also made us very aware that although everything seemed to be going smoothly that was because all the people were keeping to their jobs and the rules. They all did them to the best of their abilities. From the young men who were showing us to a parking space at the park n ride and then where to get the bus, to the search dogs and their handlers who were checking every bus before we could board. They were all doing their jobs well. There were plenty of volunteers with information and directions, lots of buggy’s for those who found it too far to walk to the common, pleasant police men and women from all parts of the country checking our bags and keeping us safe. All this made us feel safe We didn’t have to worry about where to go or what to do. The decisions were made for us and because of that we had a good time and everyone did too. The atmosphere was great, everyone helping each other and enjoyable. From the babies in pushchairs to the veterans who came to remember, we all knew what to expect and relaxed because of this.

It’s a bit like with our dogs you know They need to know what to expect and that makes them feel secure. Yes they can cope with some changes because there is still a constant ie You. But we also know that when we are feeling under the weather, then they find it more difficult to cope. Not all dogs show it immediately but over the days and weeks it can build up and then suddenly “out of the blue” your dog starts to play up. It may be as they reach adolescence or perhaps something different happens. More often than not it can be traced right back to you and what is going on. Maybe you are unsure about something so you change the training rules? Maybe you have moved or changed your car? Someone has left for university or to travel? Sadly someone may have died or a new person has come into your life? All changes that affect our dogs. Yes they can and do cope but only if you stick to the rules. These are the routines that both you and your dog know and understand. This gives them the security that a walk will happen and they will get fed at normal times. That you will spend time with them doing stuff - their training time. Think about it, especially as they can’t understand what’s going on, but they trust you to keep them safe and secure, so keep to the rules and they and you will feel better for it. This is why our 10minute plan works - yes more rules, but it slows everything down and both you and your dog get back into a rhythm- and feel safe because of it. Try it and let me know how it works for you. Join us at our lifestyle classes to practice or book a 121 lesson to get a bit of extra help in restoring order for your dog. They and you will feel better for it.


MV Boudica - taking the Veterans to Normandy


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