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How Balanced Are You?

No, I am not talking about your mental health at this time, although that is important, but more about your actual balance!

We are looking at how balanced you are when walking your dog. They will follow an animal that is clearly focused and in control, rather than one who is stressed! It is their natural instinct as it keeps them safe! Let us see how you get on: I want you to find a happy up beat piece of music - not too long but about 2 - 3 mins! Now while you listen to it, this is what I want you to do. Stand with your feet together - if that is tough, then you can stand with them a little way apart, just be steady. Now you are going first move your right foot forward to the 12 o’clock position and back to where you started. Now to the 3 o’clock position and back To the 6 o’clock position and back Now to the 9 o’clock position - you will have to move your foot behind the other one and back again. Now do the same with the left foot! 12 o’clock and back 9 o’clock and back 6 o’clock and back 3 o’clock - behind the other one and back Repeat this at least three times with each foot and do it to the beat of the music - how did you get on? Who struggled? If you do this everyday, you will be surprised how quick you can get.

When we teach our dogs something new, we have to be able to break everything down and then build the rhythm with them. We need to be balanced, focused and clear what we are doing. Are you? Or are you just taking the dog for a walk? If this is the case then you will find that your dog wont be paying attention to you at all. When you let them off the lead, off they go and seek out other people or dogs that will play with them, interact with them. Problem is that now, more than ever, we need our dogs to be wanting to be with us. The rise in dog theft over the past few weeks, quite possible fueled by the rise in cost of new dogs, the lack of them and people seeing a criminal opportunity has meant that we need to be working and walking with our dogs and paying attention to them. Please don't lose them 😐 Walking and training your dog, should be fun and enjoyable for you. A time to put things behind you and forget your problems, just for a little while. This is time when you should be connecting with your pet and also the nature around you. Even a walk down the street, usually means you see some trees, which have birds in, other peoples gardens and maybe other dog walkers. Ah you say, but that is my problem, my dog hates !!!!!!!!! So avoid them if you can, a visit to the local park may mean lots of off lead dogs, but is there a quiet field, parking lot, secure field that you can use and avoid your dogs nemesis? Always go out with a plan, take your bag with you containing your treats, your toys and also clear up sacks. Here is my link to one suggestion.

If its hot, maybe a water bottle and small dish for them to drink from. If you take your phone, it is only for emergency’s or the odd photo, not for you to go onto social media! Ha - back to being balanced again, aren’t we? 🤔

Enjoy your dog, practice your dancing and who know what I am going to suggest you do next!


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