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How to help the children with a new rescue dog!

How to help your children learn about your new rescue dog Over the past few weeks, I have had lots of people work with me who have recently taken on a new rescue dog. Many of these were street dogs and so are unused to being handled. These are special dogs and will one day become ideal family pets, but it takes a long time and a lot of work by all the members of the family. Now if you have young children,how do we get them involved and keep them safe too? One way I have suggested, is to get the children their own dog! No, not a real one but a toy! Then the really young children can be involved and copy what you are doing with your new dog. It teaches them and involves them but keeps them safe. For example: If you have a crate for your new dog - highly recommended by the way, then get a box for the toy! Find a blanket, a plastic dish for some food - dry biscuits are fine. A lead and collar - well a ribbon will do, just be age appropriate! Use a big button for name tag - you get the idea? Now when you are teaching your new dog to sit, they can practice with their dog. They can learn about how to handle a dog. How to approach them. How not to touch when they are eating! How to brush them, put them to bed and leave them to sleep. Can you see how you can use the toy dog, to help you teach the children? And keep them safe! Obviously the older children will be able to learn with you and providing they are fully supervised and your new dog has settled, they can teach your dog some of these things. But many of my clients have very young children and that worries me. Not that I think children and dogs shouldn’t happen, but if we take on an unknown dog and lack the experience then problems can occur for all involved. With older children, we can get them involved with the find it game, and even the start of scentwork. I have a seven day programme on the website here - which shows you how to start. If you need help, then please dont leave it - I am very happy to talk through some ideas with you. Contact me today for your first appointment. or give me a call on 02392 412652.


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