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How to play with your dog

How to play with toys:

Always use 2 and teach your dog to work with/ for both. Try not to throw toys forward as this can encourage dogs to chase. Instead try throwing to the side or drop behind you and get him to search back for the toy.

You start by getting him to play with one toy, jut a couple of feet away and then once he has gone towards this one, you should produce the second toy. Make this so interesting that her wants to play with it. Don’t let him have it until he has brought the either one back to you.

This is the time you can let all your inhibitions go. Make the toy come alive and really fun to have. You may have to really want the toy yourself - i.e. get to it before your dog which is why you shouldn’t throw it far but remember this wont be forever, you are doing this to get your dog want to play with you. Tip: If you use toys that can be easily carried when out, then you can do this out on a walk.

How do I finish this game?

Have a really juicy jackpot treat that you swop for the toy. Then put the toys out of reach until you can play again. These toys your dog only gets when playing with you. If there is someone else who wants to play this game. They should have their own toys :-)


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