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If he can hear a food wrapper, then he should be able to hear me call him!

Recalls - Why won’t my dog comeback?

Working with young dogs as I have over the past few months, it has been really interesting to see how the once perfect pup, has now grown into the little pickle, who only comes back when they want to and seems to have gone completely deaf?

Hmm. Funny how they can still hear a food wrapper rattle though? Don’t worry, there is an explanation to it all but I am guessing you would rather know how to get your perfect puppy back? There are lots of different books, online courses and many video showing you how to get your dog to listen – and guess what they all might work – but on the whole, unless you keep practising and doing the exercise, they wont! Usually, we find that the dogs have reached that certain age we all dread – the teenager! Luckily it doesn’t last as long as a humans – but it can be pretty painful and for some, it is all too much. There are plenty of rescues that will tell you that this is most common time to rehome a dog. Combine this with the pressure that many of us have been under this last year and it can all be too much.

This is when my 5 steps programme comes in. It is designed to help your dog learn to be with you and listen. It is meant to be boring to begin with, because in my experience, when you are under pressure, you need something that is simple to do. After waiting for over 30 minutes to get your dog back from playing over there with his pals and ignoring you – the last thing you want to do is praise and reward them – what for? But you cannot tell them off either. So do my five step programme and then once you and your dog have calmed down, then reward them for being in a calm state. The rhythm of the movement of working together, slows everything down including your mind and you can try and work out how you can combine all your training methods, to help your naughty pup listen better.

If you want to try the programme, here it is again - and there are lots of other tips on the website for your to try – so have a look. Dog training is meant to be fun, part of your lifestyle so it becomes as easy as walking or driving – they were easy to learn, weren’t they? Once we have mastered them, it’s like everything flows.

Here are some other tips:

1. When you call your dog, tell them what you want them to do – don’t just shout their name!

2. Have some yummy treats with you and let your dog know they are there for him – use them whilst walking nicely or sniffing nearby.

3. Use a long line, if you really cannot guarantee that your dog will come back – no point keep calling if they are ignoring you and you cannot make sure your dog will do as its told.

4. Practice in safe places – everytime you call your dog in from the garden, let them know its for a good reason – reward them with a game, treat or some love – not to shut them away.

5. Does your dog know its name – keep to the same one all the time, and don’t keep changing it – i.e how many dogs are called NO? OI? Pup? Or do you shorten or lengthen their actual name depending on how you are feeling?

6. Use a secure field to practice outdoors, train your dog or get some professional help

I am happy to help anyone who is struggling with their dogs at my own secure venue on the South Downs, so do get in touch if I can support you in anyway. Remember that a trained dog is a happy dog and once they always come back, look at the freedom they gain.


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