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Save £££'s this week by booking onto our next Academy course!

As the dog training world develops, there are many different courses available. If you are looking for a different approach, then get in touch.

How to set up your classes, what to teach and make a difference.

Whether it’s a puppy class or specialist class - your experience will help others. So, what is stopping you?

Not enough time? - The course can fit around your own commitments

Not enough experience? - Are you sure, why not ask and find out?

Too expensive? - Well these courses allow you to share my 30 years’ experience of teaching over 10,000 dogs and the payment plans are very adaptable.

Come and meet us and find out more

Want to learn how to become the best dog trainer - check out our page for details of all our courses.

Next start date is January 11th, 2020

Find out today how you can save £300 and gain over £750 bonuses

Personalised help and Business Advice

What’s not to like?


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