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Why don’t you let them just play?

Why we don’t let all the dogs off to “play” with each other at our lifestyle classes?

Well we hold our hands up and admit that at one time we did. But that was a long time ago. We had a lot more space and we had many assistants to help supervise. We always carefully assessed the dogs who could be allowed off together. And to a point it worked but it also created more problems with some dogs and their owners. Firstly it gave the owner a false sense of confidence in their control over their dog as often when out alone things would go wrong and then damage done. They couldn’t get their dog back, the dog got chased away by another dog or there was a fight. Secondly it can cause bullying. If you get a very strong dog/puppy in a group this causes problems. Either the dog learns how to bully or is bullied. It’s not the breed of dog but the type 😩. And then we have to help rehabilitate dog and owner. This happens in the dog park or daycare and we don’t want it happening at training class. Now we know there are lots of ways to stop it and believe me we use them but and it’s a big but ..... what are you coming to class for? It is usually to learn what to practice at home and most people want that. For those who want their dogs to play nicely you need to teach them to listen to you and then you won’t have a problem.

But so many dog’s have dodgy recalls. So many dog’s have confidence issues - too much or too little. Their social skills are poor and then aggravated by being chased or bullying - a bit like the school playground I suppose. It is up to us as the teachers to put in limits and rules whether a child or a dog.

So we will be working on social skills, manners and recalls at our classes. Dogs will learn to pass each other. Sit quietly while owners chat and generally enjoy being with their pals. We can guarantee they go home tired and you have lots to practice. See you at our next session on Sunday at Queen Elizabeth country park. It’s going to be a lovely day. 😀🐕🐾


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