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I have spent over 30 years training dogs and helped more than 10,000 dogs. 

Now could be a good chance to learn a new skill so get in touch. Want to find out more about my methods - I am sharing them with you here.

Helping Dogs to learn with their owners.

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About Me

I am dog trainer who spends her days teaches people to train dogs. Whether that is teaching people to work with dogs or running my own dog training classes, I love my job helping people and their dogs.

I have over 30 German Shepherds and currently have 2 rescue dogs who have had a challenging time and the opportunity to help over 10,000 dogs has enabled me to help them.  How can I help you?

Important notice to all our clients regarding the current situation involving Coronavirus-Covid 19. 

We are continuing our classes and group sessions for now and will continue to monitor the situation daily.. Naturally we will reinforcing our stringent hand cleansing and distancing procedures. 

If you want to change your current indoor booking to an outdoor session, contact Carol asap. Field trips and group outdoor sessions are a great place to continue to work with us and your dog and dont forget our Country Park adventures.

You can now also book online coaching to support your efforts to continue to give your dog some normality. Remember to do things with your dogs at home and maybe now is the time to teach your dog some scentwork or garden agility.

If anyone is stuck and needs help locally with Vet visits or pet food supplies or even a dog walk, don't hesitate to contact us.


LooLoo Mizzi

Fergus is doing so well at these classes. 
he's learning to relax in the company of other dogs. 
just brilliant. 
the classes are fun and informative and friendly.

Pauline Cheeseman

Have been with Walkabout for over 3 years now, constantly reviewing Nelsons reactivate behaviour, he only grumbles occasionally, and has learnt to settle. So sign up to the classes at Queen Elizabeth Park, it’s all about calmness and relaxing around others, a win situation for dogs and owners. We do the scent work classes great brain work training for all dogs, thank you Walkabout

Gemma Barton


Totally recommend Carol and Stuart, my dog and I attended a reactivity workshop today and I arrived nervous but left super confident. Lovely people and very knowledgeable