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Reactive Dog Workshops.

Need help with your dog?

Showing a little too much interest in other dogs?

Lunging and Pulling to get to other dogs?

Barking at other dogs?

Chases other dogs?

Barks at Visitors or Even worse?

Does every dog walk fill you with dread?

You need help today and I understand how you feel - you are not alone!!

No dogs at the event - £45 pp or £70 for two tickets.

Come along to our next workshop on 25th January and learn some tips and ideas to help.

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LooLoo Mizzi

Fergus is doing so well at these classes. 
he's learning to relax in the company of other dogs. 
just brilliant. 
the classes are fun and informative and friendly.

Pauline Cheeseman

Have been with Walkabout for over 3 years now, constantly reviewing Nelsons reactivate behaviour, he only grumbles occasionally, and has learnt to settle. So sign up to the classes at Queen Elizabeth Park, it’s all about calmness and relaxing around others, a win situation for dogs and owners. We do the scent work classes great brain work training for all dogs, thank you Walkabout

Gemma Barton

Totally recommend Carol and Stuart, my dog and I attended a reactivity workshop today and I arrived nervous but left super confident. Lovely people and very knowledgeable ☺