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About me

I am dog trainer who spends her days teaching people to train dogs. Whether that is teaching people to work with dogs or running my own dog training sessions, I love my job helping people and their dogs.

Having been a dog owner since 1977, I quickly became a dog trainer after I started to help out at the club I was attending. I had always been a teacher and to begin with I had classes at this club and then we moved to a different venue and gradually built up a new club there. Working with my colleagues we swiftly built a successful community learning together and raising awareness for responsible dog ownership.

When my colleague retired, I took over both clubs and trained more trainers, dog owners and their dogs. It has been so rewarding to help people keep their dogs in the family, improve their confidence or maybe set someone on a path to have their dream of working with dogs.

Over the many years I have lived with over 30 German Shepherd dogs and at one time we had 9 altogether. Many people fall in love with a breed and mine was the German Shepherd. My friend had a brood bitch from the Metropolitan Police at Keston and I fell in love with the puppies. I was competing in Obedience competitions at the time and was looking for a puppy I could train and bring on.

As our previous dogs had been crosses, the idea was to get a pedigree and teach from day one. One became two and then 3 and so it went on. My daughter grew up surrounded by them and whilst working with rescue charities have helped train and rehome many who were fostered by me with the view to rehoming them. In fact, the two we have now are failed fosters. Having lived with so many of the same breed, I have become the “go to person” when someone is struggling with their German Shepherd. But during the period of offering dog walking and boarding I also had many other breeds under my care and this has been so rewarding.

More recently I have been working with the charities who bring street dogs in from Romania, Greece and Croatia and helping the dogs settle into life in the Uk. I have also worked in France and Netherlands with ex pats who have different problems settling their dogs in a new country. These dog’s need a different type of training and understanding, and I now teach trainers how best to help them by using scentwork, agility and teamwork. I love to see the dogs blossom and settle; the owners build a great bond and the trainer rewarded for all their work by building a business that is strong. This is why I do what I do.

If you’d like to read more about why I’ve had more than 30 German shepherds, you can read 32 not out!

So that is a little about me and I would love to be able to work with you. Whether you are a dog owner who wants to do the best by their dog and book a training package or you would love to do what I do and become a Dog Training Instructor, teach Scentwork or run some puppy programs for your clients, you should get in touch soon.

Please contact me to find out more

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