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Scentwork Academy

I have been asked why I teach Scentwork to all my clients? Well I find that it is a great way to build bonds between dog and owner. A lot of the time we are telling our dog what to do but with scentwork we have to watch and understand what our dog is telling us. What better way to help them?
Scentwork is great for all ages, from the very young puppy through to the more senior dog that maybe doesn't really enjoy long walks anymore. They all need stimulation and this helps. Besides, everyone can do it and even the kids can get involved if supervised.
Want to find out more?
I am running short outdoor courses and workshops from our training centre, just south of Petersfield - why not sign up and get involved.
Our next beginners scentwork course starts soon.
You can then qualify to join our Scentwork stars club held once a fortnight on Saturday afternoons starting at 1pm.
Find out more here
Looking for something new to teach your dog?
Did you know that Sniffing improves your dog's health?
It has been found that it is actually the act of sniffing that is the reward for your dog,
so why not join us and find out more.
All dogs are welcome and both puppies and the older dog love to do this.
Scentwork has been found to promote a healthy and restful sleep
so ideal for the dog who cannot relax. 
Maybe the agility dog who needs to recover or the obedience dog who needs a change.
Scentwork is a great team building exercise.  
All types of dog welcome - reactive dogs do so well at this.

Click HERE for details of how to teach a complete beginner


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