German Shepherd dogs - I love them with their amazing characters, attitudes to life and their loyalty. I have lived with over 30, nine at one time so understand them a bit. I have helped many thousands but they still surprise me.

You will see some of them in photos recently published but there are many more. I currently have 2 boys who have their own challenges. Barney hates people, well he doesn’t trust them and after his rough start, who can blame him. Buddy joined me last year after we suddenly lost Skye, our big white girl who helped so many dogs. He is nearly a year old and full of mischief. His nickname is “swampy crab” as he loves water and walks sideways . He’s a nice dog but a lot to learn.

With all this knowledge to share,  I have restarted our German Shepherd program and introduced a club for owners of this magnificent breed.

Want to find out more?

Email me today for details at: Walkabout.gsd@btinternet.com

GSD Programme

We know you have a special dog just like our Buddy who is just under a year. We have shown you how to work with them perhaps using a head collar and double training lead and we see you struggling with their personality as they vie with you in class. It is hard work and we recognise this as we have the same challenges. Keep up the good work won’t you, because it will happen.

However, we also know because we do too, that you love your dogs attitude to life and part of you doesn’t want lose that spirit. So we wanted to offer you another option for training.


At Walkabout we never say that one size fits all in our training methods and although we want to encourage you to keep using the head collar as it gives you control of your dog when out and about, we want to share with you other ways to help you move forwards and eventually just walk your dog on its collar and lead or off lead. 


We have  designed a special programme for this magnificent breed to help owners like yourself to learn more. After an initial assessment which is held on a 121 basis, you have the option to join our 6 month Gsd Programme or if you'd like some more intense training we can sign you up for our Socialisation package or Behaviour packages.     More details here or give me a call.

Our Buddy package is a great introduction to our training methods and gives you a 121 each month along with a chance to join a group session to practice.  This could be the ideal way to spread your costs and keeps up the regular help.  Remember it is up to us to stay consistent and help our dogs to develop into the ideal family companion.

Dogs sniffing.HEIC
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Club membership

Membership is by invitation only and will be offered after the initial training package has been completed.

  • A monthly group session on Saturday or Sunday afternoon where you will learn specific exercises for your GSD in a group. 

  • Access to any 1 of the social groups we hold per week - booking required.

  • 121 help and support - 30 minutes per month

  • All we ask is a commitment of a minimum of 6 months

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