Walkabout dog training academy

"teaching people to train dogs"

Dog Training and Instructors Course

A dog training and instructor course covering all the subjects to include when teaching.

If your dream is to give up the rat race and work with dogs, teaching and helping owners and their dogs, then this is the course to join. Practical help and advice and ongoing business support.

So much has changed since we started this course 16 years ago.

But don't worry we are proud to say that we have kept up to date and as always,

the best teachers are the dogs themselves.

Walkabout was established over 30 years ago by

Carol and Stuart, as a pet care and dog walking business to support our dog training clubs.

Since then we have been teaching people to train dogs and running our very successful courses.

This course is the starting point of a new career and additional business mentoring is included within the course.







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As the dog training world develops, there are many different courses available.

If you are looking for a different approach, then get in touch.

How to set up your classes, what to teach and make a difference.

Whether its a puppy class or specialist class - your experience will help others.

So what is stopping you?

Not enough time? - The course can fit around your own commitments

Not enough experience? - Are you sure, why not ask and find out?

Too expensive? - Well these courses allow you to share my 30 years experience

 and the payment plans are very adaptable.

Come and meet me and find out more

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Here is what  previous students have said about our course:

 "Took me just over a year to complete but it's been one of the bestest years of my life. 

I've learnt so much and met some awesome people on the way. 

Thank you Carol and Stuart, it's been amazing! x


"Thank you for all you do. There are a lot more happier dogs (and owners) in the world thanks to your knowledge and skills. xxx"

"Thank you so much for coming to visit us yesterday afternoon. Your guidance and advice was much needed and it was really reassuring to hear your comments/thoughts."


Don't forget our courses includes:

Full professional support from our experienced team - we have done this ourselves

FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS so we can share our knowledge with you.

Practical and Theory - with written information to support event planning and we are there to back you up on your first class if you want it.


Puppy Program

How to run a puppy school


Full lesson plans

Practical help and support


Trouble Shooting and 

Business Advice


Half day course with limited participants

to ensure hands on support and advice.

Next course coming soon

Rescue Dogs

Are you already a dog trainer and looking to help our reactive dogs?

Do you already help out at a rescue kennels or foster newly rescued dogs?

So many have been told it is all their fault - now why would that be?

Learn how to set up classes and workshops, work with the newly rescued dog and the confused.


Perfect for those who need to know more. 

Practical help along with full support.

Scentwork Dogs

Are you already a dog trainer and want to teach something new?

Apply now to train as an Academy Scentwork Instructor.

Learn how to set up classes, workshops and trials

Practical and Theory with full supporting material provided.

Half day course with limited participants

to ensure hands on support and advice.