Walkabout dog training academy

"teaching people to train dogs"

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Dog Training and Instructors Course

A dog training and instructor course covering all the subjects to include when teaching.

If your dream is to give up the rat race and work with dogs, teaching and helping owners and their dogs, then this is the course to join. Practical help and advice and ongoing business support.

So much has changed since we started this course 16 years ago.

But don't worry we are proud to say that we have kept up to date and as always,

the best teachers are the dogs themselves.

Walkabout was established over 30 years ago by

Carol and Stuart, as a pet care and dog walking business to support our dog training clubs.

Since then we have been teaching people to train dogs and running our very successful courses.

This course is the starting point of a new career and additional business mentoring is included within the course.







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