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sprinkles - how, what and why

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One of the very popular ways to help dogs become a lot calmer in a home or garden setting, is to offer them some scatter feeding or "Sprinkles".  This should be a portion of their own meal and not given as an extra portion.

Although it is very simple to do, I find the following tips are helpful:

Spread out a handful of food onto your grass, decking, pathway or patio.

If indoors, use a Snufflemat - a small rug which you can hide the pieces in.

Don't let your dog see you put the food out

Use tiny pieces of food, all of similar size

Use a couple of handfuls for a large dog/ or two dogs.  Use less for one small dog.

If your dog has issues with food, only do one dog at a time.

Leave them to sniff out the food on their own, although you might like to start them off.

Food to use:

Highly smelly food - if you feed a dry kibble, use this

Small pieces of cheese, ham, leftover meat 

Flakes of tuna

Chopped up sausages/frankfurters

Make sure you only put a small amount out which can be easily found.  

Clear away any leftover scraps and bin it.

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