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Welcome to The Walkabout Way  




Welcome - I love helping dogs to learn with their owners.

I help dog owners in Hampshire and West Sussex in the South of England

with their dogs so they can enjoy their walks together!

I offer private tuition for all ages and breeds on private land between Portsmouth and Petersfield. 

I specialise in helping dog owners with their dogs and offer a unique training plan to work with you to walk your dog

and support you when you practice when problems occur. 

Our Buddy Dog Program allows you to practice when out and about - find out more by contacting me today.  

This is the perfect start for your new dog. 

Although I work with all dogs, my first love is the German Shepherd Dog and have a course for the German Shepherd

teaching owners, things to do with your dog to enrich their lives. 

Want to teach your dog something new?   Why not try


Help available with workshops and regular courses on Saturday afternoons.

Don't forget to check out our new All day dog training workshops for those who prefer or need to focus

on things in one day.  Find out more here

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As the owner of over 33 German Shepherd Dogs, in fact at one time we had 9 all at the same time, I have learnt a lot. 

Well they have taught me a lot.  Over the decades, I have trained many thousands of dogs in all sorts of circumstances and so the stories I am told, don't surprise me.  However, I do know that we need to adapt to each situation or circumstance. 

Which is why when I see you as my client, I will be asking lots of questions and this is always done on a 121 basis.  I can also share with you some of the training ideas and drills that I use in a group session, so you know what to practice when you join a group.


 I believe that our dogs are our family but they are still dogs. They need boundaries and respect. 

To give them the best possible life. it may mean us changing some of our habits but that's not always a bad thing - just different and I am happy to support you as this happens.  

How we live affects our dogs. For instance, when we learn something new, it takes time until things flow.  By joining a training program such as ours, we support you as things change.  As a firm believer in the fact that we usually get the dog we need, maybe we do need to change some of our ways?  For instance bringing a puppy into our home can mean having to be better organised or tidier but maybe that will improve other aspects of our life?  Enjoy the journey and your dog will make your life so much more - and if that means making time to train them, walk them and play with them, then why not?  Maybe it's time to stop worrying and be more like your dog!

Here is how it works:

First session is a 121 private training session -

on either a Thursday or Friday during the week or we have a few selected Sunday afternoons.

Then we move onto a training program which could be more 121 sessions, or some work with Buddy

This is followed by an invitation to join the Lifeskills Groups on Wednesday or Sunday mornings

or maybe consider one of the specialist courses on Saturdays.

Once you have joined the Lifeskills group, you are welcome to also join some of our Social walks or Field Trips which is the final part of your training and a chance to go out with us as a group and practice in the real world.

Throughout this progression, you are supported by our training team and we are sure you will also meet lots of new friends.  I am delighted to say that many of our clients are still with us after completing our program, as their dogs enjoy learning new things, practicing and meeting new dogs.  We hope you can join us soon.

LooLoo Mizzi

Fergus is doing so well at these classes. 
he's learning to relax in the company of other dogs. 
just brilliant. 
the classes are fun and informative and friendly.  They make my weekend!

Louise Hoar

I have been taking my GSD to the Walkabout Way since I got her at around 11 weeks.  We started off on the Buddy programme which was so informative and it slowly introduced her to new things to see and learn about.  Margo is now a year old and we now doing the lifeskills sessions every week and combining this with GSD training and socialisation skills.  Carol and Stuart are just amazing at what they do, I cant recommend them highly enough.

Jane Woodruff

Right from the first "lifeskills" session with Layla, I knew I'd made the right decision to sign up. Layla is an excitable dog but quickly settled into each session because of the way sessions are structured.  She learnt new skills welll and those skills were built on and developed at each session. Learning activities were always interesting and challenged the dogs and owners in a safe and supportive way.  The sessions build confidence for dog and owner and lead to abetter bond of trust between them.  I would recommend The Walkabout Way without hesitation.

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