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I cant recommend The Walkabout Way highly enough. Both Carol and Stuart have vast experience in a huge array of dog training . Classes that can make a life changing difference to your dog and you as the owner.

My experience of a few 121 sessions then moving into classes has been utterly fundamental in the change of the behaviour of my dog. After a short time, my GSD is like another dog, I hav elearned what I need to do to work the dog, give him stimulation away from just walking him and learnt how to start of a longer journey of agility training.  Carol and Stuart are utter legends in my opinion and should be applauded for their friendly , comfortable environments they create which makes you feel at ease no matter your level. If you're looking for a dog trainer you won't get any better than this.  Martin with Bear - July 2023

If I could give the The Walkabout Way more than five stars then I would! We arrived to Carol and Stuart with our boisterous young Golden retriever, Luca. At that time, he absolutely hated walking on his lead and would just lie on his back!  They quickly worked out our relationship with him and immediately gave us effective strategies to begin working on him at home.  They asked us for our long term goals, one of mine was to walk Luca with my son in his buggy, a dream that at that time seemed in surmountable.  Within a matter of weeks, I had the confidence to try walking Luca whilst also pushing the buggy, he didn't pull me off my feet and my son loved being pushed alongside him. It is now one of the best parts of the week to take them our together for a walk.  We've learnt so many invaluable tips and tricks from Carol and Stuart.  We've had 121 sessions, taken part in the puppy programme and now moved into scent training. Each session has given us more confidence and insight into how to raise Luca into a happy puppy and one we can control around our young children.  If you need support and are struggling, then you couldn't find two more knowledgeable and understanding trainers that will support you now and in the many months ahead.  Joanne Burgess with Luca  -March 2023

Since last summer, my husband and I have attended regular training sessions with Carol and Stuart.  Our German Shepherd rescue dog was quite nervous at first but has become much more confident and now really enjoys working with others in a class environment.  Carol and Stuart impart their knowledge in a calm, positive and friendly manner which is great for the dogs and owners alike. Thank you.  Janet with Bella - Feb 2023


When I first met Carol and Stuart of the Walkabout way, my two rescue dogs were incredibly reactive to other dogs, to the extent that I dreaded taking them for walks . I am experienced dog owner, having had dogs all my life but I had never had a reactive dog before and I didn't know what to do.  We started with some one to one sessions and then moved on to socialisation at the Life Skills Class.  I received lots of practical help and advice about how to help my dogs overcome their problems and to show me how to cope.  Also support when I experienced a difficult situation with the dogs, helping me to understand why it may have happened and what to do in the future.  Carol is incredibly knowledgeable and they both have a lot of experience with all breeds of dogs. I highly recommend the Walkabout Way. and thanks to them I am much more confident and my dogs are happier too.  Carol with Lenny and Darcy


We signed up with the Walkabout Way to help us get to a where we could walk past another dog with little or no reaction... its an ongoing process but the progress we have made in just 4 sessions has been fantastic........we have noticed a massive improvement already and I have now been able to get past another dog at close range with Fritzi gazing into my eyes .It's great to meet up with other dogs and their owners in beautiful setting to work together on our problems and the tea and biscuits are great too. - 100% recommended.  Jake and Fritzi 

They are great people to work with and really helped me and my rescue GSD Mischka - Jessica


Carol and Stuart go out of their way to make you feel more confident with training and handling your
dog(s). They are quick to respond to  queries and individual behaviour problems. They tailor-make the
group classes to suit the dogs/handlers in each group. They take the time to get to know the dogs
and owners as individuals to maximise the positive effects of the training methods  SB and Noah


Hi Carol, I just wanted to thank you and let you know "Wow!", what a difference a day makes!. Since talking through my handling of Sassina with you yesterday and me becoming  more assertive, with your confirmation that what I doing is correct, plus, brilliant advice on "watch me, sits and calling her away, we had a lovely walk last night and I feel so much better and less guilt ridden.  I am delighted and feel I can climb that mountain with her.  Thank you Carol, Jo Rogerson. with Sassina.#lockdownhelp

Thank you have given me hope!  Alison with Bertie  #lockdownhelp

Thank you Carol, we are going to try something similar with Molly as she has become more territorial of the garden since lockdown - so anything to help with this will be gratefully received.  #lockdownhelp

And thank you for all you do. There are a lot more happier dogs (and owners) in the world thanks to your knowledge and skills .J and C

Can highly recommend Carol Ashworth . Her support helped us survive and enjoy our dogs. Thanks 🙏

Valerie Galbraith

Hi Carol,  Just wanted to say a big thank you again for this mornings walk. Nelly was very well behaved.

Please can we book onto another walk if you can fit us in? Kind regards, Jane & Nelly


Carol and Stuart from the Walkabout Way have been unbelievably helpful in training my rescue dog. Now helping me with my second rescue who is more tricky. Carol is an expert at reading dogs behaviour and coming up with an answer to help counteract any unruly traits!

We have trained indoors and outdoors, gone on field trips and one to one at home which puts you and your dog in different situations rather than training in a hall all the time. Dogs react differently to situations they are in.

They are always happy to help and suggest different ways to train your dog because not the same training fits all dogs.

They have given me the confidence to take on a second rescue, especially knowing back-up is at hand if necessary. If you need help the Walkabout Way is the company to contact to get you through.  Sarah and Phoebe and new girl Roo

Really good day, thank you Carol and Stuart.  Learnt a lot that I can use and Jake was so tired he could barley manage a pee walk on the way home.  I'm shattered too. Best wishes Maureen.

Thank you so much for today and that you Stuart for a fab lunch.  See you Monday week.  Sue.

Hi Carol, I took the dogs over Forest of Bere this morning.  Shoulders back and walk with confidence... yes all 4 dogs had something to say to each dog we met (there were a few!) And each time, all 4 came back to me after just a couple of calls!  Thanks for giving me my confidence back.  Tina


Looking forward to continuing Scentwork training with you, it's really bonded Febe and me.  Thanks  Jane.


Just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for your help with Harper and the really enjoyable classes.  She really enjoys them I can tell.  We've both come a long way since we first started.  I was absolutely petrified at the first session but am much more confident now with Harper especially around other dogs.  Farida x

I have been going to Walkabout classes for 5 years, first with my Border Collie, Finn and now my Lab/springer cross, Milo has joined us. Carol and Stuart have boosted my confidence and offered endless support in dealing with my dogs issues. The dogs love going to the classes and although I don’t get to as many classes as I would like due to work, I really enjoy it every time I go. They are the only classes I have found that are flexible enough to fit in with unpredictable shift patterns. I would unhesitatingly recommend any of the Walkabout classes for any breed of dog.  Kate Porter

Well I've just been on a 20 minute walk with a dog.  It didnt feel like my dog, it must have been a different dog.  I could have cried at how mazingly well behaved she was on lead.  I cant thank Carol enough for the enormous difference she's already made not just to our dog but to our lives.  I was calm, Beau was relaxed, or the first time in a long time it was a pleaseure to walk Beau.  Thank you.


We have 2 German shepherds and both have trained with Carol, one (reactive) passing level 2 and the other level 3. Carol finds interesting exercises to test and improve the way the dogs work and after only a few months their confidence has really improved.  Dina Pink

Fergus is doing so well at these classes. he's learning to relax in the company of other dogs. 
just brilliant. the classes are fun and informative and friendly.  LooLoo Mizzi

Have been with Walkabout for over 3 years now, constantly reviewing Nelsons reactivate behaviour, he only grumbles occasionally, and has learnt to settle. So sign up to the classes at Queen Elizabeth Park, it’s all about calmness and relaxing around others, a win situation for dogs and owners. We do the scent work classes great brain work training for all dogs, thank you Walkabout.  Pauline Cheeseman 

Hi Carol!
We really enjoyed this morning's session and would like to come to next week\'s at Long Common Farm. Also we would like that to be the first of the four sessions you recommend. We learned a great deal and would really like to master the art of being 'top dog' instead of being young Jake's servants! All three of us were shattered when we got home! There is so much to remember but we\'ll do our best to put into practice, the things we learned. Can you let me know how best to pay and perhaps we can discuss the appropriate sessions to attend on Saturday? Looking forward to next week. Moira


Hi Carol,  I am grateful for your support which has really helped me to cope with Peppa and I certainly enjoy our walks more now, although I had hoped to get her a bit better than she is. The socialisation side has been good for her and she has enjoyed the sessions, even if she was very tired when she got home!  Kind regards  Anthea


Dear Carol, Thank you, Stuart and James for a fantastic session on Saturday we were really impressed and so glad we have found you!!  Nyla was a different dog when we got her home it was quite remarkable she literally curled up on the floor and stayed there all afternoon and evening not only shattered but put in her place.  We will try and come on Saturday but if not will definately be booking more sessions its a little tricky for us as we can only do weekends and school holidays but we want to have a good dog. The halti is fantastic too. Kind regards, Brenda and Richard Newton


What a day! What a great place loved the environment so thanks for the referral I think its exactly what she needs.  Stuart is quite tough but the conclusion at the end was she is a nice girl with issues which is exactly what you said.  We have got a halti and we have come home with a vengeance, we are looking at her now and she looks like she has had a bitch slap (in the nicest possible way).  Lexi was there and it was nice to see them we think you should get commission!  Nyla went into the assessment, Rich and kids came in, but they still sent in two more supporters for me!!! Am I that bad.  She was diving into the submissive dog hackles up but she was not responding, the other dog who was more dominant she was not bothered about.  They told her off and Nyla responded Stuart thinks that she can be worked with so here goes.  Hope we still keep in contact. Many thanks.  Bobby, Rich and Nyla


Just a note to say thanks for the session on Thursday. what a difference from the usual sit down stays of the standard dog/ owner training clubs.

Apart from me being a complete stress head, in a quiet controlled atmosphere what heaps I learned.


Firstly, on the drive home (without hitting anybody!) it all soaked in and common sense prevails. It was good to view my dog from a distance and listen to your comments and see what I thought was helping was actually turning Dram into a robot

or just window dressing without thinking or substance.  Needless to say we have reappraised our efforts.


Both myself and my husband would like to come to Alton on Thurs for a follow up  - sorry I cannot find an earlier session but work and home commitments dictate otherwise . Its my birthday that day so we will bring the cakes ! Please pass on my thanks to all (humans and canines ) who helped us . Best regards Helene


Thank you for your email, we found the whole group very welcoming and we all really enjoyed ourselves :) Sykes was mentally and physically exhausted when we got home (which was good to see) in fact we all were, we certainly walked away with food for thought and both felt very motivated, thank you to yourself, Stuart and James for all of your support and advice. We would certainly like to join you again and hope to attend twice a month if we can, Sunday sessions are good for us as we can both come along so I imagine we will stick to those for now, I will check the dates on your website. Thanks again for making it both an informative and enjoyable morning.

Emma and Mr Sykes


Hi Carol and Stuart,

Both Jane and I had a great time on Sunday, so much to take in both for us and Pepper. We will be attending your walkabout on Friday at 14:00 so looking forward to that. Is the location on your website?


Thanks again for a great day and see you on Friday.  Mick Minster


Hello Carol

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the help Ziggy and I received today.  It has already made a difference he was quiet all the way home in the car which was a first.  Also out feeding this evening he was much more responsive to my instructions.  I didnt do any training but he still accompanied me on my feeding rounds which took about 2 hours, so he is one very tired dog now.

It is such a relief to see that we can resolve the problems we have

See you next Thursday     Linda 


Hi Carol and Stuart,  

We all enjoyed our morning with you at Rushmoor on Sunday - you were right, Flora was pooped and is still fairly relaxed today!

It was really good seeing her cope with the close proximity of so many dogs, many large and excitable ones at that. We really thought she'd freak out or at least withdraw into herself, but she actually seemed to relax and enjoy it. We realise now that the worries we have about Flora are probably minor compared to the challenges some owners have and think that admiration is owed to the owners and yourselves who dedicate so much time and effort to help keep these dogs on track.

Thanks again             Rosemary Rayner


Hi Carol,

Thanks for your email, yes we all really enjoyed our session with you last week,  Diesel especially enjoyed his freedom!  Unfortunately we are not able to make this Thursday but we are coming to Rushmoor at the weekend, looking forward to it!


Just forwarded your details to my Sister and Husband for their dog Hector (also a Battersea dog) and they have booked up to see you next week, so pleased for them.

Claire Dunham  12.8.10


Morning Carol,


Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday, just those few hours and making small changes already is a positive step forward

Yogi has a long way to go but the Halti is working very well already, we did two walks yesterday with no pulling and Yogi paid more attention to instruction, I was completely relaxed as I felt so much more in control (and was breathing).

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you very soon. Many thanks.

Caroline Collins  9.8.10


Hi this is Susie James with Tallulah ... I really enjoyed my session last Tuesday with you all .. very rewarding and Lulah enjoyed it too !! I am planning to come along every week ...I befriended a lady called Sarah who was there with her border terrier Tilly ( she was very nervous and it was nice for her that we were there together) Thanks very much ... Susie


Hi Carol, We have noticed a real difference with Brodie around the house, and whilst we accept that there is still work to be done, it is nice to see that the group is having an effect on him. See you next weekend, Paul 26.6.10


Yes, we were really pleased with him last night – he was almost horizontal he was so relaxed.  Must admit was initially a bit concerned being put in the group with Lennox et al, but it all went off without fisticuffs so well pleased.  He is even getting better at recall – we are letting him off in a meadow near us and he is becoming more responsive to us directing him back to us so all in all things are definitely on the up and up. Thanks for all of your help. Sue


Thanks for a FAB day; we really enjoyed it and although Chewy has a way to go I'm sure he'll get there and eventually enjoy running around with his new pals! Nikita I'm sure will get there a bit quicker so fingers crossed for both!  John and Emma


Hi Carol, it was absolutely delightful to meet you and your pack, Daniel and

I both enjoyed it immensely, and we are already putting into practice all

you have suggested.  Daytona is still unsure what to do, struggling most

with the separation from the pack and chewing everything in sight when I am even out for 20 minutes, but I persevere to ignore her and show her who is boss, using my whole body to communicate instead of words. I have even started using these techniques with Cosmo, and can clearly see what tricks he uses to get me to do what he wants (cry like a baby till I let him up on the bed)!  (Reclaim my space! Reclaim MY space!) Looking forward to seeing you all again soon,




Thanks Carol - me and the boys loved every minute of it! I want to work with

both the boys, and I'm hoping to come to a session every couple of weeks, thanks Gemma.


Hi, message for Carol (and team when seen)!  

Thanks for the training on Saturday. Please to say we were impressed and had fun and we are breathing again now, honest! Importantly it was good to be able to involve the whole family and also for them to 'hear' it from you (what does mum know after all??!!). Oscar remained fairly lively until the early evening when he settled down and was blotto during that magic 'putting son to bed next door' hour! It was a lovely sight to behold! Thanks again, I guess we're now 'Walkabout' hooked!





Thank you for all your help and support yesterday. As you said, Ashka slept

for most of yesterday afternoon and evening (we were pretty tired too!) 

Look forward to seeing you next Sunday at Rushmoor.


Sue, Gerry and Lindsey


Hi Carol/Stuart

Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks for your help so far.  I am a lot more confident with Maisie already and she is more receptive and we are finding she is more relaxed in other ways too.  Lisa



Yes, it was great - we really enjoyed it and learned a lot - thank you. Would love to come next Thursday. Ian and Miranda



On a doggy note - Simba is truly one very nice dog... I can only try and

impress to Walkabout clients that if they truly take on board the

'Walkabout philosophy' and keep turning up and relaxing about their

dog's antics, but be assertive, it may take 2 and a half years (or less)

but by golly is it worth it to have a happy chappy!  Not that he was

ever bad - but with his exciteable/nervous nature he could've withdrawn

or become really stressed with life.  But, you know, with those labs

entering the reception the way they did he could've been a nightmare! 

Not only that he even licked Colin's face and went up to a couple of

clients to say hello politely!  I'm very proud of him/us!!


Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the support that you and your team gave to us on Sunday – we came away feeling very positive. It was great being partnered with Findlay and Lesley; she was very supportive and Findlay is how we hope Jak will be one day.  We are looking forward to Wednesdays. Sue and Bernie.


Spike and I really enjoyed Saturday. I would like to do some more sessions. What is is best to do? shall I come along to Rushmore Arena on Sunday. I am assuming that it is best to do at least 4 of the general sessions and then perhaps do some workshops. Regards Christine

Many, many thanks for giving Jamil and me such a positive and confidence-boosting morning at Farnborough on Sunday.   It was a most informative and helpful occasion in a very friendly and cheerful atmosphere, and I came away with lots of ideas and advice which I can hopefully carry out.   I look forward to seeing you again at West Byfleet on Saturday.
With kind regards, Vivien.

Thanks for your help on Saturday with Bailey & Indi, it was a very interesting and information day and we hope to be able to bring more rescue dogs for assessment in the future.  Sally for and on behalf of Garbo GSd rescue


Hello Carol - just a quick note to you and to Stuart for Saturday, Bernie and I enjoyed it very much and so did Jak - who now walks like a perfect gentleman on the lead, much to my relief(!) because I was struggling so much with the strength of his pulling.  We noticed through the weekend how much calmer he was too - and we think that struggling to get him to walk properly got us all so stressed that it was brought home with us after each walk.  But not only that the whole experience for him was a very positive one and we are looking forward to joining you all again, and to the recall workshop - which will be a step nearer to what we want to achieve with him.  Sue and Bernie Clark

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