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Just a quick update on 14th April 2020

All the trees are doing well,

I am pleased to say and here are a few pictures to show you.



All our dogs are special and I thought it would be lovely to create a small woodland area at a secure dog walking field in memory of past dogs.  This would create a shady area to relax and reflect in whilst supporting the Woodland Trust's Big Climate Fight Back charity initiative.

Paw Paddock of Donnington generously donated and planted 5 large English native trees on their land in West Sussex.  We were delighted to invite ITV television along to film the planting in an area of the field to support this cause.

Thank you for your support - Trees give us so much and support so much life, what a better way of remembering our past canine friends, than growing something beautiful that also helps our wonderful planet.

Here are some of the lovely dogs being remembered by our generous supporters. 

Please continue to support this worthy cause by donating or planting your own tree.




Hi Carol,  the dogs we are remembering are -

Guinness in the Snow,

- a great companion always interested in everything on the go.

Seiko resting after a long walk,

- A wonderful dog who knew he special

Shadow - The great escape artist always looking for a new adventure

Summer standing

- Seiko's granddaughter and knew she was the queen of dogs

John and Valerie Galbraith


Daisy was a Parson Jack Russell who came to me at six months old.  She was very naughty as a youngster but turned into a wonderful, ‘fairly’ well behaved, dog who gave us lots of pleasure.  Daisy loved to be a proper dog; going on long walks, exploring, running, jumping, digging, getting muddy and was an expert at barking; she had the concentration span of a gnat but loved to learn tricks.  Walking nicely on a lead wasn’t exactly Daisy’s forte but she eventually got the hang of it when she was about 12! 


She was cheeky and feisty up to the day we lost her, after a very short illness, at the age of 151/2..    We sometimes feel she is still around, teaching Nellie some of her less desirable ways, although that’s probably down to us, but you never know …………? Jayne Trick


Shadow was a pure breed Deerhound.

I had him from 10 weeks old until he passed away on his 9th birthday... 24.09.2018.

I loved him. He was there for me always.

When i was sad He knew how to comfort me.

Everyone locally knew Shadow and would stop and ask to say hello to him.

He was my BFG.

I never really taught him recall because he always ran to me with such joy when I called him.

I haven't quite got the words to say what he really meant to me......


I forgot to say his kennel name was

Absolutely Fabulous

And he really was. .............LooLoo Mizzi


Pippa and Ben. Lovely natured dogs, taught me never to get litter mates.

Jess who was the same age as my daughter and was glued to her. Was the gentlest of collies and proved everyone who told me collies and children don’t mix wrong.

I don’t have photos of the last 3 apart from the pictures in my head but I miss each and everyone of them.

Harry, a rescue lab cross, loved my dad and kept him active until Dad was nearly 80.

Bess, a black lab, cost my parents £7 from a new forest gamekeeper. She was my protector and soaker up of my teenage tears. Our neighbour told my dad that he’d noticed she never let anyone get between her and me as I roamed the fields near our house.

Sandy, a fox red lab who died when I was 7. I learnt to walk holding him.

Kate Porter


For our own lost girls 

Gemma, Rosie, Poppy and Jess and

family boys Chip, Flash, Luke and Major. 

Forever in our hearts. 

Sha Wild 


Remembering all our old canine friends including

Ben, Katie, Brook and Zytta

who helped so many other dogs when working

with us at the Walkabout Way.

Forever  with us and just around the corner, out of sight. 

Carol and Stuart



Lovely idea remembering so many including 

Jade, Nouska, Prince, Amara, Percy xxxx

and all the dogs I've known and loved. 

Pauline Cheeseman.


I love the idea of sponsoring a tree in Paw Paddock in memory of our loved dogs. Mossie was our much loved Collie that we dog napped from my mother, when she had a have a knee replacement! Mossie loved to see my Mum but loved being with Chris even more. She didn’t much care for the company of other dogs but loved Mr Buddy (our friends’s greyhound rescue) and the photo explains it all - such a gentleman (dog) keeping Mossie sheltered when it started to rain or a paw to rest her head on. Mossie 1999-2012


Jane and Chris Watts

Moss and Mr Buddy.jpeg
Mr Buddy and Mossie.jpeg
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