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My ten-minute programme was designed to bring your dog back into line with you. Every day, You should spend 10 minutes working just with your dog. No phone distraction, no other dogs and keep all other distractions to a minimum.

Now working with the power of three, do every exercise 3 times and then change it up.  Now keep changing direction or back away from them, each time walking 5 steps and stopping.

If you get your dog to focus on you and you become fun to be with, then when called, they make the better choice.

You will need: some high value treats like chicken, cheese or sausage, a lead and collar/harness and maybe a long line.

Treats should be easy to eat, and you may like to find your dog’s favourite toy to use as well.

  1. Start with them walking by your side for just 5 steps and then tell them to sit.  Repeat three times. (If they wont sit, then gently guide them into a sit besides you - use treats to begin with if you need to)

  2. Come around in front of them and get your dog’s attention on you.  If this means using a treat or a toy – then use it.  Don’t want to use a treat?  Fine you don’t have to, but you work for a payment so I am guessing it will be quicker if you do. Now rub under their chin – easier if you have a German Shepherd than a Yorkie, but you get the idea.  We want to lift their head up and make them feel better. 

  3. Got their attention?  Good now take one step to the right – and move forward again – take 5 steps and into sit.  Now repeat the pattern : 5 steps and into sit  again two more times. 

  4. Come around to the front, get their attention, lift their head up and praise.  Take one step to the right and do it all again once more.   So now you have their focus.  

  5. Now step in front of them again – get their attention and now move slowly back for five steps calling them – get them into a sit, reach down and hold their collar and big fuss.  Hooray – their first recall which they didn’t ignore you. 

  6. Next, produce their toy and play with it.  If you are in a secure place, then off lead throw the toy and encourage them to bring it back – three times and then back on lead and start all over again. If you aren’t in a secure place, then use a long line but let them play with the toy before you start all over again. 

  7. Guess what – now you must start all over and do it again and again. – At least three times but more if you can. 

Do this for ten minutes every day- give your dog undivided attention and you will have the dog you have always wanted.

Start off by doing all this at home or in the garden but then use your pattern whilst out walking.

Include it in your circuit training and make sure that when things go wrong (and they will!) you go straight to your pattern.  Don’t think about what has just happened, do something positive and help your dog get its focus back to you.

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