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With all the uncertainty and worry that we have had recently, I have put together some dog training ideas and help for you to do with your family dog.  The pages have been set out to give you clear instructions and if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Our training centre is open to all - everyone is seen on a 121 basis so we can offer you advice specifically.. We are based in the South Downs National Park, here at Old Idsworth, PO8 0BA

This is a beautiful quiet place where even the most troubled dog can begin to heal.

Ideas for a Great Dog Walk - Circuit Training

Handling and Dog Care - 15 projects for you to work through at Obedience school

Sprinkles - an easy relaxation technique

Relaxation - scentwork for the beginner

Obedience and Self Control  -  projects and tasks to complete

Remember to to establish your routine for you and your dog. 

If your dog is barking and perhaps playing up, it is because things have changed.  Your routine is different and maybe they are not getting the rest they need?  Maybe you are feeling anxious and worried?  Maybe you aren't sleeping properly or even worse not feeling well yourself?  This will affect your dog, so if I can help then do get in touch for some ideas and help.  Don't suffer on your own.

Take a look click on the link and see what you and your dog can do.

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