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I teach owners of these fantastic dog’s lots of ways to keep them healthy and active and this is just some of the many things we know about these magnificent dogs.

Our Academy trainers tell me that having an inside knowledge of these dogs, helps them when teaching their clients.

They really are a unique breed, designed to be a general purpose service dog alongside being a wonderful family friend.

1. They will lay down their life for you. They are loyal, sensitive and hate tension and raised voices, but they will do anything for you at Fabulous Finn did as seen on Britains Got Talent. Along with handler Dave he won the hearts of the nation when he shared how Finn had stood between him and the criminal. Why not read more at

2. They’re very much a pack dog - my young GSd puppy, Venn was not going to allow my young daughter to play in the playground if he couldn’t join in. That scream is intense, so much so that the RSPCA were called in case I was hurting him.

3. They make amazing guard dogs. No one can walk within 10 miles or is it 100 miles of their house. Amazing guards but they don’t always bark loudly – watch out for that very intensive growl. And those ears – one sight of them makes the local criminal rethink. It is not for nothing, that the sign says the keys are under the dog!

4. They can just tell when you’re coming home. They know when you are coming home. Not sure if they recognise the sound of the car, smell you or just know the time – but they know what’s going on.

5. Extremely loyal – One of old clients called Max hadn’t seen Stuart for 4 years after his owner moved away but recognised him immediately when they met up again. In fact, he squealed with delight but after all Stuart had walked him daily while a puppy.

6. Don’t try and step over them - They act as though they’ve been slaughtered – goodness the noise. Yet they can be very stoic if they hurt themselves and will carry on regardless. Our bitches have all had problems, and yet they keep going regardless. Very confusing and typical of this breed.

7. You get up, they get up. You’ll be forever falling over them and if given the chance will follow you everywhere. Don’t even think about moving your chair back, they will be there!

8. Be prepared for fur everywhere! - Their fur is like tumbleweed – it collects in balls in every corner of every room – even the ones they don’t get into. And don’t even think this is just the long-coated dog, the short coated dog has tiny hairs that sticks to you like glue. You need to have colour coded clothing, furniture and carpets

9. When it comes to treats, they’re super fussy! - don’t even try and give them a piece of dry bread – they want butter on it. All our dogs have been like this, even the ones who were in foster. You would think that a dog that had been starved would take anything, but no they would rather have what is on your plate.

10. You think of something – they do it. They seem to anticipate everything and be one step ahead of you. They are funny as pups, hooligans as teenagers, great as adults and the perfect companion as they get older and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am sure I have left out some so why not add them below to share these with us. I would love to see some of your pictures too and if you’d like to teach your dog something new, then get in touch today at And why not check out our previous blog, # 32 not out to find out more about our pack.


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