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It’s raining again

What a wet time we are having so far this year. Whether it’s climate change or something else, I’m sure all of us who have to walk our dogs are getting fed up with the rain.

Here at in Old Idsworth, this means the river is up and the fields sodden. Every year the winterbourne rises but it seems a lot earlier than usual this time. Those of you that visit us will have seen the bridge in the field up to the little church will now see why it was put there.

With all the rain, we must now think seriously about what we wear whilst walking our dogs. Whilst I would no way tell you what this should be, I thought I would share with you what we do.

Our walking boots are waterproof and we keep them like that. There are waterproof sprays available so it may be worth getting some. You can also get waterproof socks and gloves - which will keep you warm for those bitterly cold days. And don’t forget a hat and or scarf.

So what type of jacket - we use waterproof ones, but with layers so hopefully it doesn’t go right through- again I keep these waterproofed as every time you wash them, they lose the the protection. And finally, we always use waterproof trousers- to cover over our jeans etc. perfect for keeping the mud off and the wind at bay.

I’m sure you’ll have thought of these ideas before, but always remember that to work you , you need to use them - I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard that - “I’ve got them at home but didn’t think about wearing them 😀”. Well if you’re warm and dry, you can help your dog, but if not then it’s miserable for both of you. And what about a waterproof coat for your dog? We only use them if it’s torrential and we have to go out, but it makes all the difference if it’s horrible out there.

I’m glad to say that we are now able to use the indoor riding school at the farm behind us, so we should be fine for group meetings this winter but please always check with us if you have any doubts about the weather. And for some ideas of what to do if you're stuck at home, please check out


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