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March Updates

I am delighted to share with you the social posts we made during March. Did you miss them? Maybe you are not on Facebook and that’s fine. Have a read and if there is anything you’d like to find out more about, then do get in touch. That’s the beauty of me working for myself for the past 30 odd years, I can alter things around for anyone so if you need help ask!

March started with:

Did you know that today is #horseprotectionday ?

Remember to keep your dog under control when passing horses - if that means putting them on a lead until you have passed then do so. Far too many horse riders have fallen of their mounts because of an unruly dog. The consequences are horrendous, never mind that your dog could be injured from a frightened horse.

Need help? get in touch with me today and we can work together to help your dog but it is still your responsibility to control your dog. 1/3/23

So, when did you last play with your dog. I mean really play.

Are you your dog’s best friend?

Do you know your dog’s favourite toy or treats? What is their kryptonite.

If you want your dog to work for you and by that, I mean come back when called. Loose lead walking etc. Then payment is required. That can be a game with their favourite toy or species treat We work for money, and they work for their dinner. Now I know that you can’t filling them with treats, but you get the idea. It should be a win win for both of you. Overdo it and it’s not a great idea but you will find it so much easier to get your dog want to be with you. Listen to you if you play with them. Spend some time with them and enjoy each other’s company after all that’s why you got a dog isn’t it?

Want to learn how? Well, that’s what our lifeskills classes are all about. 8/3/23

Over Friendly dogs

What’s an over friendly dog?

It usually means they are very enthusiastic when meeting either a person or dog. They will be over there with friends and not with you. Even jumping up or all over other people and/or dogs. And you can’t stop them!

To help we need to be a better place to be - so we need to look at the relationship we have with our dog.

Often when we welcome a new dog into the house, we allow them to have too much freedom as we want them to feel loved and safe. But this does give a false sense of importance to our new dog. If we restrict their access to areas and allow them to settle in first, then they work out how to please you, where to feel safe and what is allowed.

By offering some boundaries we help our dogs feel safe. They turn to us for fun and reward and you become a team. Here are some ideas to do that:

If we work on the idea of finding 5 things that your dog loves most, ideally you should be number 1 but 4 other things that will get them to want to be with you. Maybe a couple of toys and some yummy treats- do remember to think of them as a payment for a job well done.

It is important that the toys are yours and you should have them with you when out and about. Then when out on your walk, stop every now and then and get your dog to play with you. Then send them off to sniff and then call them back to you for a play or a treat. Make sure you are the centre of their world, and they will listen to you.

Now, when they are first let off, give them permission to play and then call them back to you for a better time. Eventually if you keep practicing, your dog will want to keep checking in with you and as soon as you call them, they will return to your side. By the way it takes time and lots of repetitions to teach but is so rewarding and you actually give your dog more freedom in the end.

Finally don’t forget to teach your dog to settle in lots of different places. Again, try and remember to tell them and you will find them resting more and then relaxing and eventually sleeping. Funny that we need to teach our dogs to rest but it’s important.

Practice makes perfect and then keep it up. Our dogs will always want to be where the other dogs are unless you offer them something better. It’s up to us to remember to do this. And maybe if you are struggling to get your dog back, you should keep your dog on a long line on their walk so you can reinforce your commands. Every time you let them ignore you, you go straight back to the beginning. Join the teenage tearaways group on Saturday mornings and get some help. If your dog is older than 19months then please ask for help through our socialisation packages Make a start in helping them fulfil their potential as your best companion. 9/3/23

Teenage dogs are great fun but often a challenge to their owners.

They are pushing back against our rules, the hormones are flooding through their bodies and they know best. A bit like all adolescent animals really. It is often the time when owners find they cannot cope. Many rescues report that this is the age most dogs come in for rehoming. Personally, it’s the age I love to rescue, and I have rescued well over 20 dogs. Owners report that their perfect family companion has turned into the devil. Chewing everything on site, not listening to anything you say and even growling or snapping. Why? We often hear? What did I do wrong? Usually nothing to be honest, but sometimes you just took your eye of the ball. Your perfect puppy did everything right, so you relaxed. Those rules you had when the puppy first arrived, are you still sticking to them? Or have things relaxed as pup learnt how to wrap you around their paws. Did you fall in love and give in? Don’t worry we all fall into this trap and even if nothing like this happened, teenagers still rebel! What to do? Here are my six tips to help:

· Start back at the beginning- get your dog to listen to you. Try the five-steps-to-success-on-a-dog-walk.

· Keep training short. 10 minutes blocks at a time and finish off with a positive.

· Keep your rules. Write them down again- in fact why not keep a diary so you can keep check on everyone’s progress.

· Make it fun - a walk should be an adventure with you not something they go off and do on their own

· Find new things to do: Teach them new things like scentwork or agility and obedience skills.

· Don’t give up but don’t challenge either - get clever and find things they love to do.

Find out more here at my dog-training page and then let me know how you get on.

There is always the opportunity to book a 121 session with myself and our dogs and we offer discounts for block bookings. There is even a Teenage tearaways group on alternate Saturday mornings. Check out the website for more details or to get in touch.

Find out more here at my dog-training page and then let me know how you get on. 10/2/23


He’s just not listening

She rushes off and won’t come back

Easter holiday special-

Come and practice in my secure field every day for a week and get some help on a 121 basis.

Every morning from 3/4 until 7/4 10/3/23

Remaining calm around other dogs is important to teach but first understand your dog. It's only when you "get" your dog, that you can help them and we can show you how to do this. Why not read out story about our GSD's and how they influenced how we help dogs and their owners today? 10/3/23

Loose lead walking - special Easter holiday offer.

Does your dog pull you every time you go out with them?

Using a head collar or a harness and want some extra help?

Work with me for an hour every day for a week - on a 121 basis and we can work to help your dog walk better.

We meet every morning for 5 days to practice together. Existing clients can claim 20% off because we will already made a start with your training but new clients are very welcome as are all breeds and ages.

Offer available for 1 week only!

10th April to 14th April 11/3/23

Our German Shepherd club walked together around St. Hubert’s yesterday and all behaved impeccably. Well done everyone. If you would like to join us next time, we meet once a fortnight on a Saturday morning. 12/3/23

Want to learn how to play with your dog?

Why not join us and we can work together. Check out some ideas here:


Did you know that we have lived with and cared for over 32 GSD's? Heres a quick outline of how it all started.

We love working with our clients on a one-to-one basis. It gives us time to help them understand what they need to do to help their dog. 15/3/23

Check out a recent post on the website explaining how I became a dog trainer. Want to learn more, then why not get in touch as my Academy will be reopening for this years intake very soon.

Are you short of time to attend regular dog training classes but know you need to teach your dog to behave? Well over the Easter holidays, I am offering some special sessions to help you.

Our Buddy programme can be adapted to suit any type of challenge you are facing with your dog and so if you are short of time but can dedicate a week to working with me, we can offer you intensive dog training. Spend a week working with me each day - we can include walks on and off lead - with our dog, without our dog, and include obedience and nosework all the while getting your dog to pay more attention to you.

Easter holidays are coming up and I have daily spaces available:

I would ideally see you at the same time each day but if that's not possible, I am sure we can work something out that fits in with both of us.

The total cost for the 5 hours of personalised one on one training is just £230 saving you £££’s but also time.

I am also offering short 4-day courses to help with:

Loose Lead Walking

4 days of loose lead walking sessions held daily - 1 Hour per day at 11:30am - max of 4 dogs £120 per dog

Recall Training

4 days of recalls training held daily - 1 hour per day at 11:30am - max of 4 dogs £120 per dog

So why not join us and have fun with your dog. By the way I am not just a dog trainer, I teach you to help your dog with all the life-skills they need to become your perfect canine companion. 17/3/23

Four day course from Tuesday 11th April working on walking your dog on a loose lead. Maximum of 4 dogs per session.

Working together we will help your dog learn that to be alongside you is the best place to be.

Held at our training centre here in the South Downs national park just outside Portsmouth. We meet at 11:30 am for an hour every day for 4 days to practice and walk our dogs. Book now 18/3/23

March newsletter should be in your inbox. Not received it? Please email me and I’ll send it on to you straightaway.

Today is #dogsinyellowday and no one is more aware of this than I am. With an anxious fearful dog that really would prefer that the world is only made up of dogs and not humans - then I spend my life scanning the horizon to protect him. Despite all the training work I have done with him, he is still wary and I decided that the best way to help is not to expose him to things that ruin his day. And so I was very pleased when the secure dog fields started - and now I have my own field, where he can relax with his pals without the worry of human interaction.

But for those of you who have dogs that have been worried by other dogs and you have lost your confidence in walking your dog, I am pleased to say that I can help you. My other dog is super confident and happy to walk along ignoring your dog, either behind or in front or alongside while you rebuild your confidence in handling different scenarios.

Over the Easter holidays, I have two options for you to come and practice and get the help you need. We are practising loose lead walking for an hour every morning for a week. With a maximum of 4 dogs in the group, you will build your confidence and learn how to best help your dog. All dogs should enjoy their walks - so why not join us? 20/3/23

If you are struggling to walk your dog and need some help, then you might like to join our loose lead walking group which will run from 11th - 14th April. Every morning at 11:30am we will meet to walk the dogs locally. During our walk, we can practice what to do to keep our dogs attention and build our confidence in handling our dog when we feel under pressure. There are just 2 spaces left so dont miss out for this 121 support at discounted Easter special prices .Contact me today. 22/3/23

Sharing some old photos of my first pedigree German Shepherd dog. He was such a special guy who taught me so much.

I’ve gone on to help many thousands of dogs but now specialise on this breed having lived with over 30 of them - many of which were rescues.

If you’re looking for some help and advice with your precious dog, maybe struggling to walk them or get their attention, please do get in touch. We have special lead walking lessons over 4 days designed to give you the confidence to help your dog.

Or maybe our beginners socialisation program starting 13th April is the answer. Contact me today to find out more. 24/3/23

Have you thought that your dog might be bored just laying there?

Not sure what to do when out with them and pull towards another dog?

Do they want to play or fight?

Are you dreading the next time you take your dog out?

Our next beginners socialisation course starts Thursday 13th April at 10am here at Old Idsworth. Our training field is the perfect place to start your journey to understanding your dog and their behaviour when on and off lead.

Come and learn more about:

Why your dog runs off

Why your dog pulls on a lead

Why your dog doesn’t listen

And how to help

This is an introduction 4 week course designed for all ages so do get in touch to find out more. 28/3/23

Have you ever tried to walk a reactive dog? One who finds a walk stressful especially when you have “friendly” dogs rushing up to you.

I live with this problem every day and know how you feel. Frustration, guilt and anger are all things that I go through every day when I walk Barney. If you need help with your dog and your confidence then why not join our Buddy program.

For more details visit our website or send me a message and we can discuss how to help


It's #takeawalkintheparkday today and I know so many of you with dogs just wish that it was that simple.

If you are struggling to walk your dog, you might want to consider joining me the week after Easter for a Loose lead walking course. Walking your dog is very important but I get it when it is just so much hassle. Let me help you with some easy methods and things to do to help you when out and about. Those of you with a reactive dog may even hesitate to do this - believe me when I say that I understand. For years I have been living with reactive dogs - and have been flat on my face when they've pulled. Using my ideas, you may find that things will improve. Over the course of 4 days, we shall practice until you become confident about handling your dog. We have space to practice and secure areas so you can be on your own with a trainer until you are ready.

Want to find out more?

Starts 11th April at 11:30 for 4 x 1 hour sessions - claim our Buddy birthday special prices too.

No one needs to be alone with this problem, so come and see us and we'll help - many hundreds or even thousands have done so as we have been sharing our knowledge for over 30 years. 30/3/23

March has been #petanxietymonth and we are delighted to say that we have managed to work with well over 100 dogs during this month. Granted that not all of them had anxiety problems, but many have had issues and continue to attend our group lifeskills therapy meetings to keep their skills up to date and learn something new to teach their dog. If you want to find out more about how our training groups work or maybe you have that teenage dog that is suddenly no longing listening, get in touch for some support today.

Your dog deserves you to be best you can be but sometimes we need that bit of extra support. My clients tell me that they really enjoy being a supportive group, so why not find out more. Contact me today on 02392 412652



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