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Has your dog been affected

We have all had a terribly sad week since the news about our late Queen The mood has been rightly very somber and reflective but have you noticed how it’s affecting your dog?

On the Saturday morning we had our first meeting since the sad news and I noticed how all the dog were a little distracted. Then on Sunday at our Skye awards ceremony, all the dogs without question were a bit off. Why? Well they all come from different homes and are various ages. There is only one reason they could all be like this and that’s because we have all been processing the sad news. Things have changed and for many of us we are entering a new era.

It’s important to remember that how we are feeling will affect our dogs. It’s why we love them so much, they get us and do not judge. But we must remember to adjust our expectations when in a situation like this. Take a little longer and don’t add pressure and your dog will help you through this sad time.

Using routines and training patterns will reassure your dog that you’re still there for them. And a lovely slow and sniffing time on the walk helps us all to decompress.


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