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Don’t let the past hold you back

It’s been another busy week for Buddy so today we gave him a rest and went out without him.

Actually we visited some old haunts where I used to stay as a child. Every year my parents would rent a holiday home for us to visit for summer holidays and often we stayed at the Witterings near Chichester. Obviously I can only remember the hot sunny days on the beach and freedom but of course that’s my selective memories from 60 years ago 🤣.

This reminded me of previous dogs I’ve had. My selective memory is of perfect walks with well behaved dogs. Also of all the various types of leads and collars to use, that were going to make it easier- sound familiar? There’s no quick fixes in dog training 🐕.

So why not give a check to yourself if you find yourself comparing current dogs to previous ones. I know I have to with each one that comes and stays. I try and help the dog in front of me and don’t put any pressure on them by comparing them to a “perfect dog” of the past.

I meet a lot of people who tell me they have had many dogs before but this one is different. But maybe it’s not the dog that’s changed? We are older and in a different place in our lives. Realistically things are different and so the relationships we have will be too. Barney has had a difficult time as he is fearful of people so we avoid them but when walking Buddy, who loves everyone, I know I have to relax and make sure I don't forget which dog I am walking, otherwise he could think there is a problem.

Here at the training centre on the South Downs, when I work with a new client we always have the opportunity to discuss what has been before. Previous dogs will colour our expectations of the current one and we can then work out together how best to move on. Dog training is the easy part of the work as many dogs are keen to learn. This is the bonus for our private training clients as we adapt all teaching to what every person needs. I am currently booking spaces for November so if you have a dog that would benefit from working with us, why not get in touch with us soon.


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