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Slippery surfaces

I am starting to hear from some of my clients that as their pups are getting bigger, they are struggling with walking on some surfaces. It does seem that as we have moved to tiles or laminate flooring to make it easier to clean up, our dogs are slipping. Sadly it only seems to take once or twice for some dogs to lose all their confidence in walking on these surfaces. Sometimes they hurt themselves and although as pups it didn’t worry them as they have got older and heavier it does. And of course we often don’t know they have been hurt as they are so good at hiding it.

So what to do? Well if you haven’t already installed it, please consider a product that isn’t so slippery. But if you have then by placing some mats or something similar at strategic places will help.

Teaching your dog to walk slowly through doorways and discourage any rough play which causes mad “zoomies “ will help.

If you already have the problem then many of my clients who have taught the five steps program will tell you that this also helps. Giving them something to think about really helps.

Here’s the link to remind you.

Yes it takes time.

Yes you must use your dogs lead

Yes you should use treats and encouragement

But is surely better than your dog struggling to cope, perhaps living in fear and if it’s the kitchen and they can’t get to a water bowl or food, they will suffer. A little over the top? Perhaps but as our dogs protector, it’s up to us to make sure they have the best quality of life and if it’s just down to a bit of redecoration or redesigning then surely we can do that?

Something to think about when your dog won’t move 😀 Oh and if you think they have hurt themselves then do get them checked by a Vet or canine professional.

Need help and want to book a 121 session with me then please do get in touch.


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