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December thoughts for you

I have been busy writing all sorts of short articles for our social media but I know that many of you dont follow our Facebook page so wanted to share these here:

At the start of the month, I outlined what you can expect when you visit us for help with your dog. Walkabout is known for helping dog owners of working breeds and although we help all dogs, as have lived with over 30 German Shepherd dogs, we specialise in the working dog.

I thought it would be nice if we could explain to you how we work and what to expect when you visit us at our training centre here in the South Downs National Park. We are situated close to Rowlands Castle, just off the A3 at Old Idsworth.

Usually our clients contact us by email or by phone and initially we want to know more about your dog and how we can best help you. The first visit is a chance for you to explain what help you need and a chance for us to meet you and your dog and get to know each other. This is all done at our own training field and there are various exercises to complete which will help us to see what your dog needs. Don't worry you are not being tested, but it does help if you give us as much information as possible so we can get helping.

Once we have assessed your dog and given them an opportunity to have a good sniff round allowing them to relax, we will show you some training to do every day to help you teach your dog. You will need to practice because this is the only way to improve. But it is also important to enjoy this, so we are sure you will have fun too.

We teach you how to help your dog to remain calm around other dogs but first you need to understand your dog. It is only when you "get" your dog, that you can help them and we show you how to do this. Our lifeskills groups are a brilliant place to continue to practice with your dog as you around other dog owners who are also on the same journey. Why not read more about our story and how our GSD's have influenced how we help dogs and owners today. 32 Not out is all about this story.

We offer various different ways to teach your dog including behaviour or socialising packages and also specialist groups for teenagers or Gsd's, so why not find out more information today and sign up for help from the new year. We cant wait to meet you soon. Our telephone lines are now closed until the new year but if you need help, or want to book a place for January, send us an email quick and we can get that sorted before we sneak off for a break. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and healthy new year.

For more articles from our December posts why not check out our Facebook Page here: but make sure you look out for the helpful hints for visitors and my friends tips on what foods you should avoid to keep your dog's safe.

Here is our JANUARY DIARY for you:

*Every Wednesday morning from 4th January starting at 10am - Lifeskills for the family dog *Saturday 7th Jan at 10am - Teenage Tearaways - a 4 week course held on alternate *Saturday mornings suitable for all dogs over 6 months and under 20 months. *Saturday at 1pm - Scentwork Stars - our advanced scentwork group meet once a fortnight - suitable for all dog already looking for 2 specific scents. *Saturday 14th Jan at 10am - German Shepherd Dog Class - alternate weeks *Saturday 14th Jan at 1pm - beginners scentwork course - for those dogs who have completed an introduction workshop. - New course starts in February for those who want to join. *Every Sunday morning at 10am.- Our weekend social group - to include walks and socialisation. Please contact the office by email to find out more or book a place. #thewalkaboutway



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