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New classes for Autumn

Everyone is back to work or school and so we now have time for our dogs 

Maybe to teach them something new or help them develop into well behaved family pets? 

We have some fun classes for you to join this September so take a look and get in touch now. 

Alternate Mondays -  book some extra help at our specialist venue- Shortlands.  We currently have some scentwork being taught and a puppy socialisation session starting soon. 

Tuesday - Farnham   Our outdoor weekly class offers socialisation and the basics to everyone. A perfect place to remind your youngster, teach your new dog or practice social skills within a friendly group of people set on a private secure land. 

Tuesday evening- join our indoor class at Woodham near Woking for an interesting session covering all the basics. A perfect introduction to the Walkabout Way 

Wednesday evening- A six week course of Level one scentwork. Suitable for anyone who has attended a beginners workshop or part one scentwork. Great fun for all the dogs and owners to see how their dogs can progress. Based in Finchampstead at the memorial hall. 

Thursday evening - this is our home base for Surrey Scentwork in Effingham and where we hold regular classes for beginners who have already attended our workshops and previous classes. 

Saturday morning- there are a range of workshops and social walks on offer that on offer to all.  Don't miss our rescue dog sessions and socialisation groups which we hold on a regular basis   We also hold a beginners scentwork workshop about once a month combined with follow up sessions for those want to progress further. 

Saturday morning scentwork- held on alternate weeks we offer a beginners course over 3 sessions at our venue in Hambledon, Surrey. 

Sunday morning- weekly sessions at Ryslip Kennels near Bracknell to cover all the basics and some fun agility. All welcome 

Sunday afternoon- a monthly session at Ryslip kennels near Bracknell. Beginners workshop for Scentwork. Spend 3 hours and find out if your dog is good at sniffing 🐶🐾🐾.  This is an entry level course and everyone is welcome from 6 months and above. A small class so we can offer individual help to all. 

And of course we can always offer you home visits  for puppies or newly rescued dogs or private dog training sessions at our beautiful bases in the Surrey hills on the border of West Sussex. So what are you waiting for?  Call today 

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