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Reactive Dogs Welcome

So many of us experience our dogs letting us down, just when we need them to behave. But some of us have dogs that just cannot cope with "normal experiences". They just react - lunge forward, jump up, back off or just make bark a lot..................... Join us for a workshop discussing Reactivity and what we can do to help. We have space for some dogs who have this problem, the car park is just outside for them to safely rest for their turn. Spectators very welcome too. Book your place now and start your journey to a new way of helping your dog. £30 with your dog or £20 to spectate. Walkabout has been established for over 20 years and your trainers have lived with many dogs of different types and attitudes. Working with many hundreds of owners throughout the years, one thing we have found is that there is not one answer - but we do know that these dogs deserve us to work at it and find ways to help them live fulfilling lives. In many cases, the only answer has been a dog training class which in some cases, we asked to leave................... yep we have been there too. Time for us to support each other.

Available monthly - check our diary for the next dates

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