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Fireworks and how to help

Autumn means different things to many people.

For some it’s a season of changing colours and darker mornings, misty nights and cooler weather. But for many pet owners the onset of October and November means just one thing - firework season and this means for their dog and cat, fear, anxiety and sometimes with physical shaking.

We always want to do our best for our pets, don’t we? But to see our favourite companion so upset is worrying. I know, I get it and always try and help my dogs get through the evening as best I can. As Skye got older, she found it harder to cope, so we always let her find her safe place and then helped her.

Here are five ways to helping your pet this “firework season” and a couple of things you must consider/not do.

Firstly, do not take them out after dark - certainly not whilst you can hear fireworks. If you really have no choice, then even in the garden keep your dog on lead and stay with them. Get back in doors as soon as you can. Make sure they are comfortable and have been clean.

Secondly, check with your Vet to see if they recommend anything to help - it needs to be done well before the time as some calming medication is a build up to be effective. Make a call ?

Now some other useful tips:

1. Make sure you are with your dog. If they need comfort, then please give it. If they don’t then give them space. Be guided by your dog and help them. Try not to worry as this it the time to be strong for your pet. We love them because they are sensitive to our feelings so it is up to us to be calm.

2. Close all windows and curtains and make sure they have somewhere comfortable to sleep. Make a den using some of your old clothes or bedding, so they are surrounded by your scent.

3. Leave radios and tv on in several rooms to dull the sounds. Record your favourite shows as you will want to help your pet.

4. Play with them but at their level. I usually recommend making up a box with lots of smelly treats in. Scrunch up some paper and put it in. Put some old envelopes in with treats in. A bit like a big magic play box. Stuff a Kong with treats and encourage them to chew or sniff. You need to be with them to help them and if you have taught some Scentwork then why not do that?

5. There are some very good plug ins which will help everyone. I use Pet Remedy plug in which helps your dog or cat. They also have sprays and wipes to use for more details. Your Vet may have others to suggest such as Adaptil or Feliway.

Unfortunately, the fireworks go on throughout the winter. Halloween, Bonfire night, Diwali, New Year etc so get yourself prepared. Many of you won’t have a problem but there will be some dogs that really struggle. They don’t need to and so I encourage you to speak to your Vet if worried. For more ideas if things to do with your dog, get in touch with me and I can help. We have lots of ideas as well as short workshops you can attend to help. Email me for help today:


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