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Help my dog has run off!

With so many posts and cries for help about lost dogs, do we need to be rethinking what we are doing with our dogs?

Yet again there are reports of dogs being stolen, lost dogs that haven’t come back even though they used to do so and that means problems.

It is time to consider how much freedom we give to our dogs and whether we should be spending more time training our friends to want to be with us instead of letting our dogs to run off with their friends. Shouldn’t we be their best friend?

If you practice recall or fun and focus play with your dog then your dog will want to be with you. They will listen and respond to you. You need to train them to do this. Loving isn’t enough. our dogs need boundaries and guidelines from us and will be so much happier for it.

Stress is a terrible thing. As a dog trainer of over 30 years and specialising in German Shepherd dogs, I see many dogs who are suffering because they don’t know what their owner wants. A GSD is a natural guardian and will start to revert to type if not given instruction. They will naturally lunge and bark because they haven’t been told not. Quite simply this becomes a habit and is then difficult to break. At our classes we use all sorts of focus exercises to change this. Reduce the stress, give instructions and have more fun with your dog.

I have lived with and owned over 30 GSD’s and trained many many more. If you would like to have some personalised help and a training plan for your dog - no matter what age - then get in touch today. Our training plans are easy and designed for your dog and you. In 6 weeks you will be amazed how far you have come.


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