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I think Barney’s got fat!

We changed the dogs routine this week. Instead of letting them do their own thing in our field and garden, we walked them. Such a simple thing but it gave us back some control.

If you are beginning to find your dog is just a little bit too hard to control, a bit too barky at the next doors dog, a bit too loud when someone goes past the house and nothing you do seems to be them to stop? Sound familiar? Well it was starting here too and although I knew what to do, there was always something else that had to be done.

But Barney was putting on weight, despite his running in the field, no wait he isn’t starting to put on weight - he’s fat and this is because he has been using the field and getting exercise but only to his limit. Know the feeling? I do and so we have all started a fitness routine.

Not sure if I can do it everyday first thing as sometimes the appointments mean I have less time, but I plan to try and do so although not always at the start of the day. Today though, the fog is sweeping into the valley and its horrid out there - so lets see when they get their walk.

It reminds me that we all have to make more space in our day for exercise and time to chill - its the same thing for me. I cannot swim, which is my go to relaxing place, but a brisk walk does help. And it reminds me that when I first see my clients, I share with them my five steps programme.

It’s meant to be boring and but after the 2nd appointment, they forget the reason why we do it. All to get their dog listen to them, and rebuild the relationship which is under pressure because the family dog isn’t behaving. It is the go to exercise when things are going wrong. Nice and simple and easy to remember - especially as at times of stress, its hard to concentrate on a big routine. Your dog doesn’t mind what you do, as long as you do something with them. With us all at home and feeling ugh - it is difficult to get motivated to do much. Joe, the body coach is doing his bit and so are many more.

But you have the best reason to do this - give the dog something todo with you and you both feel better for it. Once you have got your dog walking, now lets turn this into an adventure - think circuit training fo your dog. As you walk, stop at random places and play with them. Use a ball and get their attention,drop it on the ground and as they go for it , produce another - play with our dog. Another thing you can do is get them to sit and watch with you. More ideas here:

As we move through lockdown, it is increasingly difficult to get to a dog training group and I have had to cancel all of mine. I can still see people on a 121 basis if your are close by, so let time know if you want some ideas or want to book. I am also offering people a chance to go through some ideas on an online appointment if you prefer - so keep in touch.

Go and have fun with your dog, stay well and safe and hopefully we can meet up on the other side.


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