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Spring forward, Fall back

Yes the clocks go forward on Sunday .............. eek means we lose an hours sleep but as it’s Mother’s Day, it also gives you a chance to say thank you - actually or spiritually. Its very important to do. My mother tells me, and I have to agree that her biggest worry, as a mother, has been asking the right question of us kids. Showing interest without nagging, encouragement and guidance without the possibility of being nosey about what we are up to or laying down so many rules that our independence is crushed. There is no book to practice from, you have to just get on with it and use your instincts.  At least when you are teaching your dog, you do have help and support along the way.  This is why I became a dog trainer and now teach people to become trainers themselves. Sadly dogs don't arrive already trained, so we have to get some practical help and places to practice. Anyway Happy Mother’s Day

Applications close for the Training and Instructors Course with the Walkabout Academy on 2nd April - dont miss out


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