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New Venues coming on line

So exciting that our new venue at Brookwood, near Woking has proved very popular with our Beginner Scentworkers. They have just started their part two of Scentwork Uk Level one and should be ready for a trial at the end of this. So a new course will be starting on the 6th June - be sure to get your name down quickly.

This is an indoor class, but if you need an outdoor class for your dog, then take a look at our class held on a Tuesday morning at midday. This is held on private land near Farnham and has proved very popular with owners of dogs that need more space. We have places available to start now, so contact me on 07825 210401 to come on board.

Scentwork is really the ideal training for all dogs - from the new puppy ( we cover it in our puppy club on Mondays) through to the injured or older dog. There are many levels to work your way through, or you can just enjoy working together in the sunshine - the choice is yours. Find out more on Surrey

And big news, we just secured two more venues nearer to the South Coast,. Since moving to the area, we have been looking to find suitable halls to offer our training and support to all the dogs and their owners. June will mean the start of a class near Rowlands Castle on a Wednesday evening at 7pm - all our classes include scentwork, social skills and 121 help, and by the beginning of July, we hope to offer a class near Waterlooville, on a Sunday morning. More details to come.

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