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Brook and his rubber duck!!

Brook and his rubber duck

Have you a dog that doesn’t stop barking?

Annoying isn’t it?

Now I don't mean the dog that goes out into the garden and shouts but the dog that just barks.

We used to have a really special dog who did this.

He loved life. He chased bright lights and reflections.

He loved his tennis ball. The soggier the better.

The thing was he was obsessed with things including barking. So when we put him into our car or dog van, the minute the engine turned over he would start. Bark. Bark Bark non stop.

We tried everything but in the end it didn’t last. Only when we got him to focus on something did he stop. We show you how to do this at our lifestyle classes and you have to keep it up.

We had rescued Brook as a young 8 month puppy from Vigil German Shepherd rescue. He joined his new family of 3 other dogs and was the kindest goofiest chap we have ever had. There was no room in his magnificent head to be nasty. He loved everyone even the vet apart from when he had to go into the vet surgery. Then it would take 3 of us to hold him. Thankfully he only went in for routine checkups until his last visit by which time the stroke he had, made him go off the rails and we gave him his final sleep at 13 and half.

But what he taught us was to focus no matter what was in the way. Like the time he saw the sea He loved water and we were walking along the sea front when he pulled the lead out of my hand, jumped 10 foot down the sea wall, and landed in a heap. There were some surfers in the beach who saw him and ran up to help him as I couldn’t reach him. As they got to him, he got up, shook himself and ran past them into the sea - still with his lead attached. People who knew and loved him weren’t surprised when we told them And no he didn’t have a scratch on him, no injuries. Nowt.

So what about the yellow rubber duck then? We had bought it as a joke for someone and it was sitting on the side. He was fascinated by it. He helped himself but we soon retrieved it as not sure how safe it was. Ending up by putting it up out of sight on top of the fridge freezer but every time we couldn’t find Brook, there he was, willing it to drop down to him. It took him ages to forget about it- days and days and although he had only seen it once, it just shows how quickly some dogs learn

When we rescued Brook, he was just a puppy but obviously someone had taught him to chase lights as he would see the reflection of the light from a watch or shiny surface and go after it. If you wanted focus, you should have seen our Brook.

Funny, crazy and goofy all in one and such a lovable dog and Skye’s best friend. She adored him. If you want to teach your dog to focus too, then get in touch today and book one of my training packages. We can work together to get your dog to focus on you. It means you can take them anywhere and do the things with them, that you have always wanted to. And no we won’t teach them to bark


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