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Five Steps to success on a dog walk

How to keep your dog interested in you while you walk!

Many of us struggle to get our dog to listen to us, whether out on a walk or at home! This little exercise will help your dog change its mind. You need to be in a position to correct them if they don't do as you ask them. By doing this simple routine, you can help your dog learn to listen better. All you are really doing is asking them to follow you and sit when told. Nice and easy but it will affect how they behave around you - so go ahead and have some fun. Keep it to a quiet place to begin with, then add in the distractions.

This is how you do it

Keeping your dog on the left hand side and facing the same direction.

Take five steps forward, stop and tell you dog to sit. They should be facing the same direction as you. If not just guide them using your left hand so they come round and sit by your side.

Now you going to repeat that twice more. Each time your dog should follow you along.

Repeat this three times and then leave your dog in the sit and come round and stand in front of them. Say Watch and get your dog to look at you. Count to 10 and then reward. If you don’t want to use treats then a simple rub under the chin is a good way to reward them. (Be careful if the sun is shining into their eyes!)

Now keep your dog sitting and you facing them, take one step to the right - if your dog moves out them back into a sit.

Walk forward 5 steps forward and stop. Tell your dog to sit once!

If they do repeat twice more and reward.

If they don’t sit straight away simply show them by gently lifting their head and apply a tiny bit of pressure on their bottom to guide them into a sit.

Then walk forwards 5 steps and repeat.

Do it once more and reward.

Now do the whole pattern twice more. By now your dog should be sitting as you stop each time.

Here are other ways you can change it up for you and your dog once they are doing the whole exercise properly.

1. Instead of walking forward, move backwards 5 steps and get your dog to sit in front of you. Get them close and straight looking up at you. Reward as before.

2. Repeat 3 times.

3. Another great idea is to keep changing direction - go forward 5 and then turn right and go forward another 5 and then turn right again. Repeat 3 times.

4. Now doing it again and turn left instead. Repeat 3 times.

5. Mix it up and have fun.

Once you have taught your dog this system in a quiet place, it is now a challenge for you to include it in your walk. It doesn't matter what others think, just what your dog thinks- and they love the fact that you are working with them.


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