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Beware the seeds

We had a great morning walk today.

The sun was rising and all the fields looked as though they had been freshly washed. It was so nice and peaceful too.

Then an I noticed that Barney had burrs stuck in his fur. Great now to hold him still whilst I pick them out. After what seemed like a lifetime for him and only one head bashing when he “disagreed” with me- he swung his head round and we clashed heads - I got them all out.

He went off to continue his mooch and I spent the remaining time in the field looking for the plant culprit and my ears ringing. He has a surprisingly hard head!

Now I am always very careful with these seed heads because as you know they can get into the skin and there have been many stories of them travelling through dog’s bodies and causing all sorts of problems.

But the main reason I worry is because of how they affect Skye. She seems to be allergic to these particular burrs. I think the plant is burdock and we get it a lot near to the coast. The seed heads are full of little hooklike seeds and they do a brilliant job of hooking into the dog’s fluffy coats. Then if I have missed one, Skye try’s to chew it out. Which then causes her to become very lethargic and lick her lips, panting and very distressed. In the past I have had to take her to the vets for help.

So check your dogs folks. The seeds are out there and none of us want to have problems. Enjoy your walks in the sunshine today.


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