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What is the Walkabout Way?

It's not just a training program but more a way of life!

So many of my clients come to see me with a dog who is "playing up". They are struggling to get their dog to behave but really can't see a way to help their dog improve.

Whether it is showing them my "Five steps to success" method or explaining how to use scentwork to help calm a newly rescued dog, I am always keen to help dog owners look at the bigger picture. It is well known that over many years, I have been pleased to support owners as they address many of the problems they are facing. However, when using my teaching dogs as stooges to help a dog, I can see quite often that it is not the dog that has the challenge, but the owner. It is almost as though the dog is screaming "help me - they wont listen !!"

At the Walkabout Dog Training Academy, I teach people who want to work with dogs, how to watch dogs, learn from them and then offer a holistic approach to helping. Although none of us are able or want to deal with all the "big" family challenges, we can help by understanding what is going on and offer practical solutions to make things easier. In fact I teach my students not to offer advice but to show in simple methods, how to teach the dog to behave better. Suggest ways that will work for the owner (no one size fits all here) and support the owner as they work to get it right. Remember a stressed owner will not be able to process lots of information - but simple steps will make a difference.

Many of my current students have been working with me for several years as clients and know that my methods work. They are now keen to learn how they can teach these methods to their own clients. Over the past 30 years, I have continued to watch and learn from the dogs that I have helped. I have been privileged to live and work with over 32 German Shepherd Dogs and at one point had 9 of our own. You learn a lot with that many dogs in the home especially as many of these have been rescues.

Working with all breeds has been great fun and helping owners keep their dogs instead of giving them to rescue is so important. Family crisis's often mean that the dog suffers, and sometimes everyone focusing on getting the dog to behave is enough to restore balance at home for other things to settle down. A win win situation for everyone.

If you would like to know more about how the Academy works and helps people and dogs, then do contact me today. I have two spaces available on my next intake which starts soon. Go on what is stopping you?


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