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Doing some circuit training on your walk with your dog.

Make yourself a plan of 5 - 6 things to do around the area you are walking using different sites for each exercise and stick to it for each walk for at least a week- 2 if you can. Here are some ideas:

1) Watch and reward - count to 5 and reward

2) Figure of eight around your legs

3) Sit, Down and Stand - keep your dog focused by using a toy. Count to 10 between each movement.

4) Throw out the ball - keep on lead and get the dog to bring ball back, drop it for you to throw the second ball

5) SIt and allow you walk around them one way and then the other

6) Down whilst you stand away from them - start off to the side and front but eventually build so they lay still whilst you stand behind them.

7) Behind - get your dog to sit in front and then move around behind you to sit by your side.

8) Bring your dog behind your legs and get them come between them. – Middle. The dog should be facing the same way as you.

Remember do everything three times Keep on the lead Allow dog to sniff and relax between each station.

Have fun with your dog and spend at least ten minutes everyday working with them.


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