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Do you really understand your dog?

What is going on here?

Dogs are talking to us all the time, trying to understand what we want, but do we understand them?

They make a tremendous effort to try and communicate with us but we live such busy lives, that I wonder that we pick up anything at all. Those cute puppy dog eyes, when you are enjoying your toast, or that wide eyed stare when you are trying to take something off them – these we understand. But really what about all those other messages that they are sending. Then take a look at the signals you see – if you are watching – when two dog catch sight of each other. Then what?

Perhaps they are sniffing the ground intensely? Do you really think that there is a fantastic scent there? Or is it that they are trying to diffuse a threat?

You have called your dog to come back to you, and instead they slow right down and weave a strange pattern back to you? Have they suddenly become naughty, or is there another threat that they feel? Take a look around you and maybe you can see you are now calling your dog back into a problem – are there other dogs and people surrounding you? Does your dog feel threatened? Maybe if they run, they will get chased or bullied? Sadly a visit to a dog park, beach or daycare, can upset things completely – so be careful. Sometimes, your dog is just avoiding conflict – dogs don’t like it and will do many things to prevent it escalating.

At all our dog training sessions, private or groups, we are teaching you how to read your dog. I want you to enjoy them and make sure they have the best time ever with you. That means learning how they talk to us – so why not join one of my sessions and find out more. The more you do, the more you will learn and more you will be able to help and support your dog and give them the life they deserve.

Don't miss out on our Young dog sessions at Chichester, West Sussex and Hoe Cross, Hambledon, Hants All dogs under a year are welcome to join our course and learn all about the basics of body language and the important social skills needed.

And then at Chichester secure dog park, we have our Focus and Challenge course where adult dogs are invited to come and learn new skills such as scentwork ( the art of searching and finding), dog agility or parkour ( using what we find out and about) and naturally some social manners whilst off lead together.

Want to learn more? Then why not train to become a dog trainer and help others learn too? Check out the website of the Walkabout Academy and find out all about our course. You may even turn it into a new hobby or job?


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