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How routines make you feel safe

I am currently sitting in my hospital ward waiting for the discharge team if my consultant will allow me to go home.

After a particularly bad day on Sunday I thought Monday I would feel better but ended up being blue lighted to the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth with acute pain. Never crossed my mind that it was my appendix which had perforated but thanks to some brilliant help from a well oiled team, my pain was taken away and a successful operation went ahead yesterday morning.

It reminded me of all the times I have shared with my clients about the 5 steps rule. When things go wrong, you and your dog need a “safe” routine to do. Get into that rhythm of 5 steps and sit and you will both relax.

Do it when you have to wait forever to get your dog back on the lead - you’re going to find it hard to praise them if they don’t come quickly.

Do it when something goes wrong:

The overwhelming dog jumps all over your dog and the owner has no control 🤔. Go to your routine and help your dog recover. It will calm you both down.

Do it when you get to somewhere new. The routine once again will help you to settle and your dog understand that you have control of the circumstances

Do it when things go wrong, which it will, so instead of worrying about what has happened or might happen, you get on with the routine you both know.

Routines can be boring but they mean that anyone who knows it, can step in and take over. Bit like the routines that the hospital teams have. The security it gives us, as patients, that we need.

Our dogs need routines and boundaries to help them build their confidence and feel safe. Use my 5 steps routine and start on your teamwork training Here is the link to how to do it and let me know how you get on.

it will be so good to get home to my routines and fingers crossed we can start our groups next weekend. Be great to see everyone again.


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