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How to claim your free book

Next week we have a special week dedicated to improving the lives of Rescue dogs.

Tour de Rescue 2019, is a 4 day event held in the North of England and involves so many dedicated dog trainers, dog rescuers and specialists all coming together to support Dom Hodgson raising awareness of how great it is to rescue a dog - in fact some would say that they rescue the new owner:-)

Although he hasn't been able to fit in coming south this year, we need to use this opportunity to raise the profile of dogs in rescue down south - so next week I will be sharing some of the tips I have learned over the many years of working and living with rescue dogs.

Why not get involved too?  If you cannot afford to take on a new rescue dog, then maybe offer to walk some as a volunteer.  Buy an extra bag of dog food from your local pet shop ( and support them too) and donate to your local rescue.  Got any spare leads and collars you no longer need?  Donate them.  

How to be your dog's superhero free book

And as a very special offer, Dom has offered everyone the chance of getting hold of a copy of his book in which he shares his methods to help rescue dogs especially.  My friend and colleague wrote this book in 2016, it's sold thousands of copies and it's got over 150 five star amazon reviews like this one here;

"Whilst I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud when reading this book, seriously every dog owner should read it! Dominic tells it how it is, he doesn't gloss over where we humans can make life so much better for our dogs and ultimately easier for ourselves. 

There are some of his ideas which you probably wouldn't hear at the local dog training class but, do you know what, he talks absolute sense and many a dog owner would be wise to listen to what he has to say. 

Maybe you think your dog is 'OK'? I'd still recommend the book because you can take your relationship to the next level and truly be your dog's best friend"

And to celebrate the Tour de Rescue, which starts on Monday, He is giving away a free copy to help pet dog owners who are struggling with their dog, so they never have to give their dog up for rescue. 

You can grab your copy here

Your rescue dog is the start of a great new life together 

It’s so important to start off in the right way but not to rush it.  If you would like help with your rescue dog then check out our packages for all types of lifestyles.  Take a look here and get in touch soon. 

So have you just added to your pack?

Thought your current dog would like a friend?

And now??? Dogs can go through life with one very simple goal; to better THEIR situation. In multi dog households, the ability one dog can have influence over others in a negative way as well as a positive way. It is highly likely if dogs spend too much time together without separation and periods of isolation you will see this. If you have multiple dogs that are together ALL the time and you can't separate them without a complete meltdown you most certainly have some serious issues with the pack dynamic in your home. Just like humans, dogs can get "cabin fever" which definitely contributes to fights when the dogs spend too much time together and learn to compete for resources.

So what's the best solution to 99% of the common behaviour problems people experience with their dog/s?


Our Lifestyle classes help you by showing you what to practice at home. By that I mean every day and probably every walk. No good doing it once or twice and saying it doesn’t work. Please do yourself a favour and change what you do with your dog (s). They will thank you for it and everyone will be happier because if you change, they will too.  Contact us now to book your place or to find out more about our lifestyle classes.


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