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How to have the perfect job

Our training and instructors course is designed to give you the confidence to take classes/ help your dog walking clients and much more. I am sure you already have seen that there are many different ways to help a dog. There are also lots of sports to take part in. Crufts will be full of them. With the introduction of Scentwork and it’s growing popularity, we include this too.

From lesson preparation and helping 121 clients through to running a class, encouraging owners and supporting them when it all seems to be going wrong, you learn and are supported by our mentorship.

There are six modules to complete and at least 6 practical tasks to follow through on. A case study on a dog you know will help you too plus regular meet ups to keep us all keen and motivated.

There are lots of training courses available online too. But the difference with this course is you can have hands on experience and work alongside us whilst learning. This all takes time and experience and I am here to support you.

You also have the opportunity to join our business academy and have advice in setting up your business to be the best you can be. With over 40 years in the pet trade and worked with many thousands of dogs and their owners we have lots to share.

Next intake is November so to apply get in touch soon.


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