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How to help your dog settle in a new home

Some ideas of how to help your dog cope with change!

Well we have just moved home, and the dogs are beginning to settle into a new routine. Both Stuart and I are shattered and realise that we need a new health kick – sadly not as fit as we thought we were! Still we are sleeping soundly in rural Hampshire countryside and despite Lockdown, we have been welcoming new clients to the training centre. We have an acre field alongside our new place which means that I can help dogs on a private basis and allow them some off lead fun.

Working within the Government guidelines we can still help people with their dogs at our secure field and of course Skye is loving meeting new friends every day. Although we cannot offer our popular group sessions, I have transferred many of these clients to 121 appointments so that these young dogs do not lose out with their training. I also know it is important for the owners to be able to check in with us and make sure that all is going in the right direction. Despite the pressure that many of us are under it is so good to see so many working and keeping to routines to help their dogs feel safe and confident.

How to help your dog feel more confident?

When you go out for your dog walk, I suggest that you think carefully about where you are going and plan what you are going to do when out. I have been doing this with my dogs as it helps them to adjust to the change. It keeps the focus on me. Think of it a bit like an adventure – well it is for your dog as they will be bombarded by all the scents and smells! At different points around your walk, stop and engage with your dog. Play with them – use that toy you brought with you and really play with them. (Tip – don’t throw it too far and let them win that toy – but take out another from your pocket and start playing with that one) Now, if they want the toy you have, tell them to bring the other one back first – simple game but keeping focus. After a few minutes, walk on to another stopping place and this time, why not get your dog to sit and stay, while you walk around them, and they stay still. Now try to walk the other way round. Did they stay still? Which way round was easier? Did you know that somebody worked out that our dogs are either left or right pawed? What do you think?

These are just a couple of ideas of what to do with your dogs whilst out and about – why not check out the website page which has more hints and tips for your dog’s next adventure.

Have fun with them and help them cope with all the changes.


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