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It’s all my fault, my dog won’t do as it’s told

It’s all my fault, my dog won’t do as it’s told.

Well maybe, but I won’t allow an owner to keep saying sorry There’s no point in keeping rubbing it in as it does nothing for their confidence and that’s what the dog needs is a confident owner.

You can just hear it can’t you? The wife is being told they should do it this way or that. Husband won’t walk the dog or even train it and may even undo everything the wife is doing. And it’s not just that way around, wives are great at criticising their husbands when they are trying. Result is a huge argument and the victim is the dog!

Often the dog’s behaviour just gets worse and escalates to frustration and even aggression. Finally the fetters snap and someone calls me in. I take one look at the dog and he or she is pleading with me “help me!”

Sitting down with the owners is just the start but it helps to get them talking again. Giving them some easy things to practice together helps and it is safe to say that many marriages have been saved by the task of teaching their dog to behave. Suddenly the focus is on getting a dog to sit or play with you rather than fight.

It is so rewarding to speak to or see that family a few weeks later, out enjoying their dog and doing all the things they dreamed of when first getting their dog. It’s a fantastic job and I love it so much that I now teach others to do it too. Want to find out more? Then get in touch today at


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